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Let me tell you a little something..... A bad boy country singer with a southern drawl using the endearment "Sugar" and I'm done for. That's right, completely effing D O N E!!!  

I can't even begin to tell you all the ways that Beau McCrae has just up and stolen my heart. And I might could start talkin' all southern like, cause damn, it's just plain old sexy....  hehehe. But I'm totally serious....

I absolutely loved this story by Mandi Beck. I guess you could say it was a spinoff from her seriously Amazing book Stoned, but you don't have to have read Stoned in order to read Sugar.  But seriously, you should anyway. Ok, back to Sugar and the hotness that is Beau McCrae.  Beau has gotten himself in a bit of trouble lately and those country music people aren't too pleased with him. Shopping for a new label Beau's manager calls his old friend Addy Mae Masterson to help him out.

And this is where the fun begins.... Beau, that sexy as sin, trouble…


Three is a War is book 3 in The Tangled Lies series by Pam Godwin. You must read book 1- One is a Promise and book 2- Two is a Lie before you read Three is a War.  This book was an emotional roller coaster. I cried, I was mad, I was happy, I felt apprehensive... you name it, I'm pretty sure I felt that emotion.  I really really loved every word! Pam Godwin had me so engrossed and so immersed I really was lost in her pages.
Now, we know where Book 2 leaves off, Danni drugged looking at the words "it's not over" in the bottom of her coffee cup.... Well guess what?, it most certainly is not over!!  Trace and Cole and Danni holed up with nothing but time and decisions to make on the horizon. I mean, you didn't think they were letting her walk away did you???

       "We're a tangled, damaged, unfortunate tragedy of love" - Danni

Well, I always had my favorite of the 2 men, but honestly, either one is a win win right?  I mean Cole is this sexy as all hell ho…


Yes, it's official! I have once again been ruined by the Royals! Who knew that beneath that sexy, charming, I just want to get laid and have a good time personality, Easton Royal has much deeper emotions than you could ever guess?
Fallen Heir is Easton's story and let me tell you, it gives us a whole new side of Easton and a lot of clues that will have you saying hmmmmmmm.
But let's talk about Easton. He's super hot, super rich and you'll find out in Fallen Heir surprisingly sweet. Even though he's kind of cocky, he really is the whole package. Bonus, he's about to start his senior year which of course according to Easton, will be one non-stop party.
His year starts off with a literal bang, (Just ask Ms. Mann his math teacher). and good natured Easton expects it to just keep getting better from there. Only some people, like his dad, are expecting him to start growing up and he is not about that.
I need to pause for a minute and just give a shout out to Erin Wat…


She is the girl who lost everything.

I am the boy who never had anything.

It isn't often I read a book that makes me want to be a better person. MK Schiller's The Scars Between Us is one of those rare books that made me want to do just that.

Emma Cooper had every reason to be bitter and dark, but she wasn't. She found the good in everyone and every situation. She was light to other's darkness. Her kindness and compassion were truly beautiful. She may be one of my favorite book girls ever.

If Emma makes me want to be a better person, Aiden Sheffield makes me want to be very naughty. A former marine, who now makes a living rescuing abused dogs and fighting in Vegas. He is the kind of guy that women and men stop and stare at. Beautiful blue eyes, against dark hair and the body of a god, I am currently obsessed with him. Unfortunately, his personality does not match his physical beauty. The fighting may relieve some of his aggression, but it doesn't help the darkness in hi…


OMG!! I just finished this late last night, and I am in LOVE!!!  Landon Roderick is a seriously hot, tattooed, totally chill dude and yet totally alpha when it counts.  After receiving a drunk dial call from his childhood friend, he's totally open to talking and catching up with her... I love it!!!

Rana Saloomi. Yeah, I know, that name is too funny... And it totally fits her. Beautiful Rana Banana, as Landon called his childhood friend is a belly dancer, yet totally insecure and totally funny!!  How can someone who belly dances be insecure??  Trust me, Rana is sweet and vulnerable and so damn endearing. I totally want to hang with her!!

So, that drunk dial brought back a friendship between 2 kids and so much more. Living in Michigan and Cali Rana and Landon got to know each other again through flirty phone calls.  I loved how they had such a connection without having seen each other in so long, but both were keeping secrets... Secrets that were big. On both sides.

As the story unfold…


Holy Organized Crime Batman! I have one word (okay, many words) for Rachel Van Dyken's Enrage, the latest book in the Eagle Elite series, and it's BRILLIANT!!!

Rachel literally hit the ball out of the park with Enrage. I don't know how she does it, but every book in this series just keeps getting better! There are series that after a few books you're kind of meh. NOT. THIS. SERIES! I couldn't wait to get my hands on Enrage. 

Before Enrage was released, I did some rereads of the other books in the series. I love them even more now than I did when they were brand new to me. Then I started Enrage and Rachel had me captivated and unable to put this book down. The storyline is fantastic, the details are perfection and the plot twist is unbelievable. This is one of those series that could go on forever. I would buy every single book and not care one drop about the price!

Enrage is the story of Dante Alfero and El Petrov. I know the Italians and the Russians right? It starts…


I have a confession to make (don't judge). I just read the book Bully by Penelope Douglas last week. I know what you're thinking. L? How could you miss out on such an awesome book for all this time. The truth is, I don't know how I missed reading it. The good news is, I FINALLY DID and omg what an amazing read!!

Let's talk about the physical description of Jared Trent. It actually made my heart beat a little faster. Dark hair, dark intense eyes. The intensity of his gaze penetrated into my soul and I never even saw him. His personality so brooding and intense that he's still in my brain and I finished Bully about a week and a half ago.

Jarred doesn't start out a swoon worthy, perfect boyfriend. He started out as a jerk. He was a bully. A Horrible bully. He treated Tate (or Tatum as he called her) terribly, so badly she went away junior
year to study abroad. He played a sick game with Tate, putting her down, turning people against her, he completely embodied th…


You know you always have that one author that no matter what you're reading, if their book comes out, you drop everything and read it? Everybody has one. Mine is Molly McAdams. And yes I stopped what I was reading because Firefly appeared on my Kindle and well, I HAD TO READ IT.
In case you don't know, Firefly is the second book in Molly's Redemption series. It's a departure from the usual Molly. But I promise it is absolutely fantastic. I loved the first book, but omg Firefly just blew me away.
Lily O'Sullivan is an Irish mob princess. She lives a lonely life trapped in the guest house on her family's land. Forever waiting for the love of her life, Kieran. Kieran who lived to protect Lily. Kieran who changed so much over four years Lily began to question their love.
The life she lives is not a life she embraces. Her father Mickey is a terrible man. He keeps Lily a prisoner and never shows her fatherly love. She is a pawn in her dad's sick game and her only ho…


Oh Kelly Elliot, I have loved you since Gunner Mathews called Ellie Johnson sweetheart before he even knew her. I read and loved that entire series and well basically everything you've written since then.

Of course Kelly posted she was coming out with the Cowboys & Angels series, I couldn't wait for it to come out. And I will share with you, Kelly Elliot does not disappoint in Lost Love.

As much I try to deny it, I am truly I romantic at heart. So insta-love and second chances get me every time. And Lost Love is just that, a story of young love that was lost and the long road home to find that love again.

Let me give you a quick session on the Parker family. They are an extremely wealthy Texas family. There are five brothers and two sisters. Each brother better looking than the other and sisters that are drop dead gorgeous.

Lost Love is Steed Parker's story. He is beautiful with a body that made me drool from description alone. All I wanted to do was run my hands over …


For the longest time all of my reading devices were primarily anything and everything to do with the paranormal. Angels, demons, shape shifters, you name it and I was reading it. Then I went on sort of a sabbatical from the paranormal. I hadn't really thought much about it until I read the blurb for Enchanter. The second I saw it I knew I had to read it, and I'm so glad I did because it's a terrific story with a swoon worthy book boyfriend. 

I will tell you straight out, Brandon Morris isn't my usual book boyfriend. He's got long black hair that goes past his shoulders, intensely blue eyes and from the sound of him, I think the word "emo" may have come to mind. But Brandon Morris is so much more than that. He's the strong silent type and he's definitely the brooding kind. He's also smart, loyal and has a muscular, inked up body that had me thinking very naughty thoughts. Seriously, scenes of Brandon just kissing Leah made me weak in the knees.



Sometimes Emily and I come across a book that's so good, we feel like our review just can't do it justice. 
These are books that actually touch our souls and we just can't say enough good things about. Sugar and Gold is one of those books. I had it on my TBR and when Emily sent me her review, I knew I had to move it up and read it ASAP. I am so glad I did because Sugar and Gold is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever had the opportunity to read.
Emma Scott has truly blown my mind once again.   She has filled my heart, my mind and my soul with a happiness that is so pure I am literally crying. She has filled me with love and beauty and all that is good in this world. I really don't know how she does it every damn time.  
Nik is absolutely the most beautiful and gentle and loving and good man. He has endured the worst of humanity and asks for nothing in return. He's never known love in it's purest unconditional form and yet, he's so giving, so kind so b…


Have you ever read a series, or watched a TV series and before you got to the last book or season you just couldn't be bothered with finishing? The King series is definitely not one of those series. If Tracey Frazier kept writing it, I would read anything King related. It is such an amazing series, that once schools out, I'll be doing a reread. I own the entire series in paperback and e-book. It is the only series I own that I will NEVER lend to anyone.

Each time a new book came out, I would drop whatever I was reading and start T.M.'s book. Never once have I been disappointed by anything she's written. And let me tell you, I am still a King girl and I wish I was Doe. But Preppy? Who knew behind all that sarcasm and the bad ass swagger, not to mention his unusual sexual fetish, Preppy would be so damn delicious?

Before I even start talking about Preppy Part Three, I have share, you will be much happier if you read the entire series before you start Preppy's books. If…


As I sat down to write this review, I went through some of my past reviews for Kelly Elliot. She has written so many of my favorite book boyfriends its crazy. And I don't mean the kind of book boyfriends that you swear you'll love forever and then forget when the next boy comes along. I mean book boyfriends that I think about long after I've finished reading the book. Example number one Gunner Mathews. From the day I read that book, Gunner has had a tight hold on my heart. Then I met Lark Williams and swooooooooon.

But no one has come close to Gunner's perfection, until the Ward brothers came onto the scene. You met Preston in Searching For Harmony and now in Fighting For Love you meet his older brother Finn.

Oh my glitter! Finn Ward is actual physical perfection. Like his brother Preston, Finn is a firefighter, so we know his body is on point. He's broad chested and covered with lean, hard muscles. His eyes are green and his hair is dark and tousled. There is no…


I've been a fan of Monica Robinson since I one clicked Complicate Me in December 2015.

With every book I've read since, Monica manages to pull me in deeper and become more invested in her stories and characters. Ends Here is no different. I was pulled so far into this story I could feel the pain and angst in the characters. I cried with Mia. My heart broke wide open for Noah and Creed. I was on a roller coaster of emotion and it didn't stop even after I finished reading.

Because after I finished reading it, I just kept trying to wrap my mind around everything that happened. So many secrets. So many lies. And in the end, a truth that just blew me away.

Of course Ends Here picks up where Road To Nowhere left off. If you haven't read Road To Nowhere yet, stop reading this, go one-click it, and come back after you're done.

After a shoot out at the Jameson home, Mia is missing from the spot Creed left her in to keep her safe. Without revealing too much, Mia is pregnant with…


"Five years ago I didn't think it was fair to ask you to wait for me. Well, I'm going to be selfish and ask you to do just that. I'm praying I didn't fuck things up beyond repair. Because I'm coming back for you, and once I do, I'm never letting you go. I need you because you're my anchor. My light. My salvation in the night. My angel. My peace. The best part of me. I love you. Please, wait for me."

I haven't started a review with a quote in a long time. Not because I haven't seen any, but because none have any touched me in quite the way this one has. As I typed in my classroom after school, I kept tearing up. There are books you read that are good. There are books that you love. And sometimes there are books that consume you. An Act Of Courage will forever be one of those books for me. It is a book that I couldn't put down. It is a book that touched my heart in a way very few books do.

You may be aware that I at times read books and se…