You know you always have that one author that no matter what you're reading, if their book comes out, you drop everything and read it? Everybody has one. Mine is Molly McAdams. And yes I stopped what I was reading because Firefly appeared on my Kindle and well, I HAD TO READ IT. 

In case you don't know, Firefly is the second book in Molly's Redemption series. It's a departure from the usual Molly. But I promise it is absolutely fantastic. I loved the first book, but omg Firefly just blew me away. 

Lily O'Sullivan is an Irish mob princess. She lives a lonely life trapped in the guest house on her family's land. Forever waiting for the love of her life, Kieran. Kieran who lived to protect Lily. Kieran who changed so much over four years Lily began to question their love. 

The life she lives is not a life she embraces. Her father Mickey is a terrible man. He keeps Lily a prisoner and never shows her fatherly love. She is a pawn in her dad's sick game and her only hope is  to run from the life style she's grown to hate. 

She finds solace in her weekly trips to a shop in town. It's here where a gorgeous dark haired, dark eyed stranger catches her attention. For two years the two of them never speak. But this mysterious creature begins to consume Lily's everything thought. And let me tell you he consumed my thoughts as well. Dare. His name is Dare and I love him. That's me talking not Lily. 

I want to tell you so much about this book, but I can't. I need you to one click Firefly asap. Molly's writing is absolutely perfect. They story has suspense. It has angst, sadness and of course love. 

Once again Molly gives us a love triangle that will have us arguing whether Lily should give her love to Kieran or Dare. To me the love interests represent light and dark and I promise you'll wonder who is truly dark up until the very end.

I love how Molly puts the story together. You're never really sure where the loyalties of some major players lie. You never get comfortable for too long because Molly always has you wondering, what's going to happen next. The story is an intricate web that twists and turns. You wonder and you question, but you never really know for sure. I read this book in one sitting because, there was never a time I wanted to put Firefly down. I wanted to know everything and when I was done, I wanted more.

I feel like I made a connection between Blackbird and Firefly, but I can't be sure until the rest of the series comes out. Let me know if you see it after you read. 

If Firefly is not on your TBR, put it there. If you one clicked it already, drop everything and read it now. Molly, even though you crushed my soul with Chase Grayson, you are my "author" and I adore you.

Five brightly shining stars for Firefly.


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