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Let me tell you a little something..... A bad boy country singer with a southern drawl using the endearment "Sugar" and I'm done for. That's right, completely effing D O N E!!!  

I can't even begin to tell you all the ways that Beau McCrae has just up and stolen my heart. And I might could start talkin' all southern like, cause damn, it's just plain old sexy....  hehehe. But I'm totally serious....

I absolutely loved this story by Mandi Beck. I guess you could say it was a spinoff from her seriously Amazing book Stoned, but you don't have to have read Stoned in order to read Sugar.  But seriously, you should anyway. Ok, back to Sugar and the hotness that is Beau McCrae.  Beau has gotten himself in a bit of trouble lately and those country music people aren't too pleased with him. Shopping for a new label Beau's manager calls his old friend Addy Mae Masterson to help him out.

And this is where the fun begins.... Beau, that sexy as sin, trouble…


Three is a War is book 3 in The Tangled Lies series by Pam Godwin. You must read book 1- One is a Promise and book 2- Two is a Lie before you read Three is a War.  This book was an emotional roller coaster. I cried, I was mad, I was happy, I felt apprehensive... you name it, I'm pretty sure I felt that emotion.  I really really loved every word! Pam Godwin had me so engrossed and so immersed I really was lost in her pages.
Now, we know where Book 2 leaves off, Danni drugged looking at the words "it's not over" in the bottom of her coffee cup.... Well guess what?, it most certainly is not over!!  Trace and Cole and Danni holed up with nothing but time and decisions to make on the horizon. I mean, you didn't think they were letting her walk away did you???

       "We're a tangled, damaged, unfortunate tragedy of love" - Danni

Well, I always had my favorite of the 2 men, but honestly, either one is a win win right?  I mean Cole is this sexy as all hell ho…