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The Weight of Words By Georgina Guthrie

"All I can think about is what a mess I've been for the last few days without you.  If you want to step away -- temporarily, I'd hope -- I can't force you to change your mind.  But right now, I want to be with you more than ever."

As soon as I read the words, "If you liked Gabriel's Inferno, you'll love Georgina Guthrie's The Weight of Words". Then I saw That Sylvain Reynard recommended it, so I knew I had to read it.  I was so excited to find another book boyfriend. Another book boyfriend like Gabriel? What could be better?  Enter Daniel Grant, unbelievably gorgeous, smart, and sexy, or "schmexy" as Aubrey's friend Julie calls him.
Aubrey Price is a young, beautiful woman in her last year at the University of Toronto. She's the lucky girl to win Daniel's attention. Only guess what? Daniel Grant is Aubrey's teaching assistant in her Studies in Shakespeare class and the son of Aubrey's on campus boss Victoria Colle…