The Weight of Words By Georgina Guthrie

"All I can think about is what a mess I've been for the last few days without you.  If you want to step away -- temporarily, I'd hope -- I can't force you to change your mind.  But right now, I want to be with you more than ever."

As soon as I read the words, "If you liked Gabriel's Inferno, you'll love Georgina Guthrie's The Weight of Words". Then I saw That Sylvain Reynard recommended it, so I knew I had to read it.  I was so excited to find another book boyfriend. Another book boyfriend like Gabriel? What could be better?  Enter Daniel Grant, unbelievably gorgeous, smart, and sexy, or "schmexy" as Aubrey's friend Julie calls him.

Aubrey Price is a young, beautiful woman in her last year at the University of Toronto. She's the lucky girl to win Daniel's attention. Only guess what? Daniel Grant is Aubrey's teaching assistant in her Studies in Shakespeare class and the son of Aubrey's on campus boss Victoria College's Dean Grant.  Can you say forbidden?

Set at the University of Toronto, we get to watch these two characters falling for each other, even when they know they can't.  Their initial meeting is uncomfortable to say the least.  Daniel and his dad are fighting as Aubrey arrives at work. And as Aubrey's mom says, the two are "different as chalk and cheese". 

To make matters even sketchier, when Daniel winds up as Aubrey's Teaching Assistant, she's already fighting a fierce attraction to him. Daniel definitely sends mixed signals to Aubrey.  The man runs hot and cold......until.....the family dinner.

Daniel has asked Aubrey not to tell his dad that he's her teaching assistant. Not realizing Daniel and Aubrey already know each other, Dean Grant invites Aubrey over for dinner over school break thinking Daniel won't be there. The dinner invite is a thinly veiled attempt at match making. Dean Grant thinks Aubrey is the perfect girl for Daniel and brings her to meet Daniel's mom.  

Guess what?? Plot twist. Daniel's plans got canceled and he comes home for break. The problem is, now dad finds out our star crossed pair know each other, and dad's not happy. I thought it was funny that Aubrey got to meet the family even before she got the boyfriend.  Anyway...Daniel does what any reasonable male would do. He gets good and drunk. Now you know what happens when you're drunk....the truth comes out! During an incredibly sexy and suggestive game of snooker, true feelings come out and in case you hadn't figured it out. Daniel is as smitten by Aubrey as she is by him.  

Going back to Toronto is difficult. Our would be lovers have to hide their feelings from, well, everyone. Try as they might, they can't seem to stay away from each other. There's a fair amount of clandestine meetings and longing glances during class.  And when these two meet, things get pretty hot and heavy. Thank goodness no one catches on because Daniel's got a big secret that could ruin him and any chance he has with Aubrey.

Throw in Aubrey's guy roommate and best friend Matt who may or may not have a crush on Aubrey. A stunning and mysterious women named Penny and you have The Weight of Words.

Why is Daniel Grant book boyfriend worthy? It could be the gorgeous face and toned body. It definitely may be the subtle British thing he's got going on (Love my Brits! Those accents! Yum!). The man is definitely swoon worthy and Aubrey is one lucky girl.

Here's the part I didn't like....the ending! I was thinking holy hell I need more! So Georgina, give a girl a break and get going on a sequel hun! I need to know what happens with these two.

Something cool.  If you leave a comment, you may win a copy of The Weight of Words. Rumor has it, I may get to choose one lucky winner!

Enjoy this new book boyfriend and tell me what you think!!


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