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I have a confession to make (don't judge). I just read the book Bully by Penelope Douglas last week. I know what you're thinking. L? How could you miss out on such an awesome book for all this time. The truth is, I don't know how I missed reading it. The good news is, I FINALLY DID and omg what an amazing read!!

Let's talk about the physical description of Jared Trent. It actually made my heart beat a little faster. Dark hair, dark intense eyes. The intensity of his gaze penetrated into my soul and I never even saw him. His personality so brooding and intense that he's still in my brain and I finished Bully about a week and a half ago.

Jarred doesn't start out a swoon worthy, perfect boyfriend. He started out as a jerk. He was a bully. A Horrible bully. He treated Tate (or Tatum as he called her) terribly, so badly she went away junior
year to study abroad. He played a sick game with Tate, putting her down, turning people against her, he completely embodied th…


You know you always have that one author that no matter what you're reading, if their book comes out, you drop everything and read it? Everybody has one. Mine is Molly McAdams. And yes I stopped what I was reading because Firefly appeared on my Kindle and well, I HAD TO READ IT.
In case you don't know, Firefly is the second book in Molly's Redemption series. It's a departure from the usual Molly. But I promise it is absolutely fantastic. I loved the first book, but omg Firefly just blew me away.
Lily O'Sullivan is an Irish mob princess. She lives a lonely life trapped in the guest house on her family's land. Forever waiting for the love of her life, Kieran. Kieran who lived to protect Lily. Kieran who changed so much over four years Lily began to question their love.
The life she lives is not a life she embraces. Her father Mickey is a terrible man. He keeps Lily a prisoner and never shows her fatherly love. She is a pawn in her dad's sick game and her only ho…


Oh Kelly Elliot, I have loved you since Gunner Mathews called Ellie Johnson sweetheart before he even knew her. I read and loved that entire series and well basically everything you've written since then.

Of course Kelly posted she was coming out with the Cowboys & Angels series, I couldn't wait for it to come out. And I will share with you, Kelly Elliot does not disappoint in Lost Love.

As much I try to deny it, I am truly I romantic at heart. So insta-love and second chances get me every time. And Lost Love is just that, a story of young love that was lost and the long road home to find that love again.

Let me give you a quick session on the Parker family. They are an extremely wealthy Texas family. There are five brothers and two sisters. Each brother better looking than the other and sisters that are drop dead gorgeous.

Lost Love is Steed Parker's story. He is beautiful with a body that made me drool from description alone. All I wanted to do was run my hands over …