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If there's one thing we know about Lance Romero from the beginning of the Pucked Series, is that the  ladies love him and Lance Romance loves them right back. Admittedly he has the worst reputation of his teammates and for the most part he owns that reputation and maybe even deserves it a little.
I have to admit now as much as I am all about Alex Waters, Lance Romero has definitely found a place in my heart. I mean the cover model by himself for Pucked Off  is a complete fantasy. I don't think I've ever seen a cover model that completely embodies their character until Lance. Then you add Helena's story, which I couldn't put down and you have a book boyfriend that melted my  heart with each turn of the page.
Lance's story is much more complicated than the other members of his team. His past is dark and he carries around that darkness inside of him. At first, I thought Tash was definitely the girl for him and I figured Helena would write Lance's story in tha…


Husbands across America owe a debt of gratitude to M. Robinson. Today is the release date of M's novella, Keeping Her Wet. I may have gotten through two chapters before I was yelling downstairs for my husband!

M has put together ten insanely steamy stories with the couples from all of her series. And let me just tell you, M's men know how to satisfy their women!

Every page gets hotter and hotter, with your favorite alpha men and their naughty mouths. Don't let me forget the hotness factor of ALL of the men in Keeping Her Wet.

I have read the entire Good Ol' Boys Series and both spin off books. So I am very well acquainted with all of those men. And each one is sexier than the other. But the Good Ol' Boy who has my heart is Lucas Ryder. Maybe because he's the first one I met. Maybe because Lucas and Alex's story while so heartbreaking was the most beautiful (at least to me). So their chapter in Keeping Her Wet was the one I started with. I love how caveman Lu…


Before I say anything else, let me get this out of my system...HOLY, FUCKING, SHIT!!! What a wild ride T.M. takes us on in the second part of Preppy's story.

I absolutely love T.M. Frazier. The King Series is one of my favorite book series. It's a go to reread for me. I have  been fortunate enough to meet T.M. and she is a sweetheart. If you've seen her in person, you know she is gorgeous. She's also a genuinely nice person and doesn't mind when you ridiculously fangirl over her. Then you read her books and you think to yourself, how can this totally lovely person write such dark and twisted books?

But I digress. Of course as soon as Preppy Part 2 appeared on my Kindle I had to start reading. Then I decided, you can never have enough Preppy in your life, so I had to do a reread of Part 1. The time line was reset up in my brain and I was ready to dive into Part 2.

Preppy Part 2 picks up just where the first part leaves off. Dre, is at Preppy's bedside, we've ju…