Before I say anything else, let me get this out of my system...HOLY, FUCKING, SHIT!!! What a wild ride T.M. takes us on in the second part of Preppy's story.

I absolutely love T.M. Frazier. The King Series is one of my favorite book series. It's a go to reread for me. I have  been fortunate enough to meet T.M. and she is a sweetheart. If you've seen her in person, you know she is gorgeous. She's also a genuinely nice person and doesn't mind when you ridiculously fangirl over her. Then you read her books and you think to yourself, how can this totally lovely person write such dark and twisted books?

But I digress. Of course as soon as Preppy Part 2 appeared on my Kindle I had to start reading. Then I decided, you can never have enough Preppy in your life, so I had to do a reread of Part 1. The time line was reset up in my brain and I was ready to dive into Part 2.

Preppy Part 2 picks up just where the first part leaves off. Dre, is at Preppy's bedside, we've just heard him tell everyone that Dre is his wife. Then after a bit of the lull, Preppy springs up from his bed and tries to strangle Dre. 

Then the story really begins. If you don't know where Preppy's been, stop reading now. One click the entire series and just start from the very beginning. So we know Preppy has been held captive by Chop and tortured in the worst ways. He's been comatose for a while and King and Bear aren't sure if he's out of the woods yet.

Since Dre was pre Ray and Thia, they are both suspicious of her intentions. Preppy is in a bad way and everyone is very protective of him. Dre is back in Logan's Beach. After Preppy sent her on her way in part one, Dre went to rehab and got her life back together.  She's just back in Logan's Beach to settle up some issues with her grandma's house and closure on a horrible chapter of her life. Then she plans to go back home. After all, there's nothing for her in Logan's Beach any more. Until she finds out PREPPY IS ALIVE! 

The story is so gripping I honestly could not put it down. You see a whole other side of Preppy that you didn't think existed. In King when you met Preppy he was funny and cute, but you knew he had a dark side. Preppy's dark side is beyond anything you could imagine. What he went through as a child, then when he was held captive, would be enough to break even the strongest of men, but not Preppy.

Freedom is something Preppy struggles with. The torture he endured has taken a toll on him physically and mentally. He's not the same Preppy you remember. He's broken. Everyone tries to help him, but this is something Preppy has to fix himself. And when he fixes himself, he is delicious.

The relationship between Dre and Preppy is strained. They're married and yes they actually are. You'll find out. Clearly, they separated on terrible terms. Then Dre got the letter and that letter changed everything. It's one of the reasons she finds her way back to Logan's Beach.

I don't want to say anymore about the story line, because you should definitely be one clicking this one. Everything about Preppy Part 2 is totally on point. The story alone is amazing, but T.M. Frazier has the ability to make you become invested in every character she creates. There's humor, there's friendship, there's love and a whole lot of twisted, jaw dropping in this book. Be sure you have time to read it, because you won't want to put it down!

Five hugely twisted stars for T.M. Frazier and Preppy Part 2.

PS King is mine..,just sayin'


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