Molly McAdams, how I love you! You could probably write a grocery store list and I'd buy it. Even though you shredded my soul in Taking Chances and Stealing Harper, I absolutely adore you.

Sometimes after you read a book, you still feel it even after you're done with it. That's the kind of book I See You is. I just started thinking about it after having finished it a few weeks ago and I got that feeling in my chest like, omg I love this story and I could read it over and over again. And that's exactly what I did.

Imagine one night with a boy so amazing that you couldn't forget it. One night so mind blowing you came back the next week to find the boy you promised you'd forget about. But just like he said he was gone. Only you can't forget him. Even after you find a perfectly wonderful boyfriend, you can't forget those dark eyes, or that lean, muscled body. You remember the way he made you feel in bed that night, when you shouldn't be thinking about him. 

That's exactly how Aurora Wilde feels in I See You. She decides one night to go out and be the kind of girl she wasn't. One night to let loose before senior year, and she meets him. He didn't even tell her his name. But even after ten months, she remembers everything about him.

Ten months later she runs into him again. Only now she's with her boyfriend Declan, who happens to be very good friends with Aurora's mystery man. Now that dark eyed stranger has a name. It's Jentry Michaels and let me just tell you he is about the swoon worthiest book boyfriend I've had all year. 

So now the man you've been dreaming about for almost a year, comes back into the picture. And guess what? He hasn't forgotten you either. He couldn't possibly forget the girl with the violet eyes. Only here's the problem. You're dating someone he considers his brother. And even though you love your boyfriend, you keep remembering how Jentry made you feel. How he was hard and soft. How he bit you and then softly kissed over the bite. Oh my, is it getting hot in here?

I See You has an interesting time line. You go from the near past to the far past and then to the present. All the while Molly McAdams weaves this story that is complicated and beautiful. Jentry and Aurora can't hide their attraction from each other, but they battle their attraction because of their love for Declan.

The back story of Declan and Jentry's relationship gives you an idea of Jentry's troubled past and also introduces you to other key players in the story. There's Linda, she's Declan's mom and she's a terrible person. She spends three quarters of the book making Aurora feel bad about her self. She does mean underhanded things that Aurora tries to hide from everyone. Only one of the boys sees what's going on. Get it? I See You? Then there's Jentry's sister, and she is just a hot mess that intrudes on Declan and Jentry's lives time after time.

I'm getting too carried away, but that's what happens when I love a book! I'm trying so hard not to give you details because it's a story you really want to read. I have already reread because....Jentry....Just Jentry. 

There's drama, tears, and angst, but most of all there's love. A love that one can only hope to get in their lifetime.

I will leave you with this. There's a part of the story and I'm not saying when, but it is so sexy I have read it over and over again. Jentry's kissing down Aurora's neck and growls. Then she asks him a question and his raspy voice growls, "Aurora...yeah." I. Just. Can't. 

Five hard and soft stars for Molly McAdams and I See You.


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