All I want in life is for Brian Savage to be my boy. No seriously, I'm not kidding. Have you read Four Letter Word by J. Daniels yet? I didn't think J. could make me love a book boyfriend more than I love Benjamin Kelly, but she absolutely did. 

Brian Savage....OMG. He is absolute perfection. The way he looks, the way he talks, his body, made me crazy. And let me tell you, this boy in the bedroom, holy hotness! The way he took care of his girl, made me wish I was Sydney more than anything on the planet.

Now that I've thoroughly gushed over the very sexy Brian Savage, I can get down to the story. Sydney Whittaker is taken by surprise by her husband and high school sweetheart when he tells her he's no longer in love with her.

Syd packs up her life and finds herself at her best friend Tori's place in North Carolina. Tori has her own man problems and because Syd is such a good friend, she puts her problems aside and takes on Tori's problem and that's when the fun really begins.

A wrong number, an angry rant filled with naughty language and one very turned on recipient of said phone call start the wild adventure. Brian can't get the girl that made the phone call out of his mind. She was sexy, she was feisty and he's pretty much gone for Syd from that first conversation.

Only from the beginning, Brian tells himself he can't have this woman. As much as she intrigues him, Brian Savage truly believes he was never made to have someone to love. He's been punishing himself for years over a mistake he made. A horrible mistake that has caused him to basically stop living and do something he truly doesn't want to do to atone for his sins.

It all changes once he decides as much as he could never give her everything she deserves, Brian can no longer resist Sydney and the two begin a very unique relationship. A relationship where Brian sets up lots of boundaries to protect Sydney from him.

I have to mention, I have loved J. Daniels since I met Ben Kelly in the Alabama Summer series. I didn't think I could possibly love anyone more than Ben, until I met Brian Savage. Don't get me wrong, Ben is still one of my top all time book boyfriends, but Brian is just so sexy and swoon worthy, page after page he just made me melt into a puddle.

Without giving away too much, I will also tell you that in the bedroom or outside up against a fence, Brian Savage amps up his sexy a million degrees. Believe me when I say I honestly wish I was Sydney and was super jealous of her sexy time with Brian.

Four Letter Word, is not all funny rants and sexy time. It has angst and sorrow that will choke you up and hurt your heart. But, J. Daniels is one of my go to authors for a reason. She tells a great story, with characters you will totally fall in love with. 

Five huge lip smacks for J. Daniels and Four Letter Word. I love this series and will be posting my review for Hit The Spot ASAP! ❤❤


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