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I was lucky enough to once again see Mia Sheridan at a signing event in May in which her husband was in attendance.We were talking and he started to spill the beans about a big secret; Ramsay, Mia’s next book release.He told me he was very excited for me, and the readers to read this book and that we will love Ramsay as much as, if not more than Archer Hale.I told him that there was no way that is possible because my sweet boy Archer is and will always be my favorite book and book boyfriend ever!!Having read Ramsay, I could totally see why he said that and why that would be possible!Brogan Ramsay is an absolute LOVE!!
Mia Sheridan has a very unique and truly amazing talent of writing male characters that, even though they have been through, done or seen bad or horrible things they still manage to be completely vulnerable and innocent in so many ways.I don’t know how she does it, but her men are always so endearing and truly loveable and admirable.Big, strong strapping men who are so sw…


In the words of my good friend who introduced me to T.M. Frazier and the King series, I am obsessed with Rage! I thought she was a badass when she was "babysitting" Tia for Bear in Soulless. I didn't know she was going to get to tell her story and damn, I am so glad she did. Her new "babysitting" job in All The Rage  is not for anyone's girlfriend or the little boy who's picture she holds in her hands. It's for a very sexy, built, tattooed, man and for the first time in a long time, Rage feels something.

Here's the thing, Rage doesn't feel like other people feel. She never has. As a child her poor parents brought her to doctor after doctor who tried to make sense of why their beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed daughter wasn't like all the other kids.

See Rage has issues. Lots of issues. She's got anger issues (boy does she ever). On top of that there's a "small" case of OCD, some serious germaphobia and then there'…


Let me state for the record, I automatically fall for almost every book boyfriend with dark hair and green eyes. It's my thing. It always has been and I'm sure it always will be. So yes, I was attracted from the start of Stay With Me's Athanasios "Thano" Drivas. He's not only gorgeous, he rocks the body of a Greek god. He's successful and sweet and for some strange reason he's single. Did I mention the panty melting smile? Dimples? Perfect white teeth? **swooning**

He's not single for any of the ordinary reasons. Thano suffered an unbearable tragedy and he's sworn off love. It's not for him. Similarly, Kilyn O'Kelly feels the same way. She is definitely not lucky in love and has a special "friend with benefits", however she doesn't think love is in the stars for her.

Fate has a way of changing things though and fate seems to be bring two people who believe love isn't for them together.

Thano and Kilyn meet for the first…


After reading Callie Harper's Undone I thought that she created a delicious book boyfriend in Ash Black. Then I met his younger brother Heath and all bets were off.  Ash had that sexy rocker thing going on, but Heath is an alpha god and just about everything he did got me hot and bothered.

Heath is six feet five inches of solid muscle. He's got dark hair and dark eyes and facial hair that made him even more attractive to me. He's got the silent, brooding thing going on and he just drove me wild.

Untamed is the third book in the Beg For It series. The series centers around the Kavanaugh brothers and the women who tame them. If you don't know who the Kavanaugh brothers are, I suggest you get started on the series. You've got a lot of catching up to do. Heath seemed to be the least tamable of the brothers. So, you know it had to be someone super special to get under his skin.

Violet, a production assistant for The Fame Network,  drives her Mini Cooper into Heath's ru…