After reading Callie Harper's Undone I thought that she created a delicious book boyfriend in Ash Black. Then I met his younger brother Heath and all bets were off.  Ash had that sexy rocker thing going on, but Heath is an alpha god and just about everything he did got me hot and bothered.

Heath is six feet five inches of solid muscle. He's got dark hair and dark eyes and facial hair that made him even more attractive to me. He's got the silent, brooding thing going on and he just drove me wild.

Untamed is the third book in the Beg For It series. The series centers around the Kavanaugh brothers and the women who tame them. If you don't know who the Kavanaugh brothers are, I suggest you get started on the series. You've got a lot of catching up to do. Heath seemed to be the least tamable of the brothers. So, you know it had to be someone super special to get under his skin.

Violet, a production assistant for The Fame Network,  drives her Mini Cooper into Heath's rural Vermont town to scout a location for a new reality show. Not only does she drive right into a snowstorm. She drives herself right under the illusive Heath's skin.

Heath can't figure out why he's so incredibly attracted to this woman that is clearly the high maintenance type of woman he has spent his life avoiding. As much as he tells himself and even tells Violet they aren't right for each other, every time they get close enough, they attack each other like horny teenagers. It makes for very interesting banter and very steamy make out sessions. Just a note here, Heath is sexy at EVERYTHING he does.  So even the way he kisses Violet was enough to get me going.

As Violet explores Watson, she finds she enjoys the country way of life. She trades in her Louboutins for some snow boots. Goes more natural with her make up and starts appreciating things she never thought she would before. Including one hotter than hotter lumberjack (her words not mine), that knows exactly how to handle this city girl.

Heath is a very different man than his rock star brother Ash and definitely nothing like his business tycoon brother Colton. He left his family's life style behind when he escaped to Vermont and never looked back. That's not to say he has no contact with his family. In fact, he's grappling with whether or not to accept Ash's offer to be best man at his wedding. While he loves his brother that whole scene makes him nervous. Then there's Gram, the woman who raised him and his brothers after his mom went off the deep end. He loves her and she's always got some words of wisdom for her grandsons. It seems Grams is always right when it comes to the love lives of her boys.

Anyway, after an awful lot of, we shouldn't be together and we're not right for each other, Heath decides he wants Violet and they're chemistry is smoking hot. No seriously, everything about Heath is like hot, hot, hot. He's beyond an alpha male. He's a caveman and I LOVE every bit of him.

Does everything work out with Heath and his Cali girl? He decides to go for her, but is Violet sincere, or is she one of those girls? You'll have to read Untamed for yourself to find out. I promise Heath will not disappoint. He is just super yummy and this will definitely be on my list of books to reread.

Five delicious lip smacks for Callie Harper and Untamed.


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