Since this past December, I have developed an obsession with author M. Robinson and her Good Ol' Boys. Lucas, Jacob, Dylan and now Austin are completely a part of me now. 

I'll share a brief tutorial on the Good Ol' Boys. They are four boys and one girl who have grown up together. They love each other fiercely and M. tells us the stories of how they grown and the people they become. 

Austin was always the Good Ol' Boy who was kind of on the outside. He was the boy I always wondered about. Austin was the boy I needed to know more about. All of the other Good Ol' Boys seem to wear their hearts on their sleeve. Austin was always more of a mystery than the other boys.

M. Robinson absolutely did not disappoint. In Crave

Me, she gave Austin a voice and let him tell his story. 

Crave Me is the story of Austin and Briggs. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful story of two people who have never quite belonged. M. Robinson is absolutely brilliant at writing angst. You completely feel how broken Austin and Briggs are.

Austin of course grew up on Oak Island with the rest of the Good Ol' Boys. And while he had a complete family, his dad really never approved of him. Austin spent a lot of time feeling like he would never be good enough. No matter what he did he couldn't please his father. Austin wound up keeping a lot of secrets. Some he shared with Half Pint, some were his own personal demons.

Briggs' upbringing was completely different. After losing her parents in a tragic accident, she went to live with her only living relative. Uncle Alejandro is dark and mysterious. Let's just say Austin and Briggs grew up in very different worlds.

But one night in Miami their worlds collide. I totally love insta attraction and that's what is was for Austin and Briggs. They don't get together this time. It takes about a year for them to find each other again. You might remember that year from Complicate Me. It's when Austin left Ohio State and kind of disappeared.

When they do meet again, let's just say Briggs becomes Austin's new best friend and things heat up from there. From the very start of their relationship, everything about Briggs and Austin is intense. Their attraction that hasn't wavered for the year they've been apart. Their connection is pretty much instalove.

Much like the rest of the Good Ol' Boys, Austin is very skilled in the bedroom. And you have to love M, she gave Austin an extra added accessory to make him even sexier. Not to mention, all the Good Ol' Boys are dirty talkers, but there's something extra naughty about Austin.

Sadly the relationship between Briggs and Austin is a tumultuous one. As much as they love each other, they aren't good for each other. Austin spirals into darkness and Briggs realizes she has to stop enabling him.

Their separation is heart breaking and sends Austin spiraling out of control. Will Briggs move on without the man who owns her soul? Can she save Austin from himself? Can the Good Ol' Boys possibly lose one of their own? So many questions and to get the answers all you have to do is one click M. Robinson's Crave Me.

I almost forgot to mention. M ends this book with an absolute bang! She sets up the next book perfectly and honestly I'm so glad because I am not ready to say goodbye to this series.

Five addictive lip smacks for M. Robinson and Crave Me. This girl can write a story. Sweet, sexy, swoony, full of angst, she's got it all!


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