Through all of Harper Sloan's Corp Security books, Axel Reid has ALWAYS been my favorite. So, I imagine it's only fitting out of the Hope Town generation I have become obsessed with Axel and Izzy's son Nate. I love every beautiful, bossy, dominant, possessive, man bunned part of him.

In the first two Hope Town books, Nate was always there for some comic relief. He had a happy go lucky personality and you thought he'd never be one to be serious about a girl. Was I ever wrong about that. Nate it seems is very good at hiding his feelings. Who knew he'd be hiding some major feelings for Maddox Locke's daughter Emberlyn.

Guess what? Emberlyn has the same feelings for Nate, only on the night of her high school graduation she puts her feelings for Nate on the line and he completely shuts her down. Crushing Ember by telling her they could never be. He basically tells her, he'd ruin her and their families would make a relationship between them impossible.

Fast forward to Ember's twenty first birthday and a night out with all of the Corps Security daughters at Nate's new club The Dirty Dog. To say things have been awkward between Nate and Ember is an understatement. She avoids family dinners as much as possible and Nate can't understand why or how things got so uncomfortable between them.

Of course everyone on the planet can see the feelings between Nate and Ember except well Nate. That is until her birthday night. With a little help from her friends, Ember goes to Nate's club looking scorching hot. And in typical alpha male fashion, Nate goes totally neanderthal, lifts Ember over his shoulder and takes her into his office. They share a blisteringly hot kiss and you can practically hear Nate growl, "Mine!"Actually, I think at some point he does say that, anyway...

I am convinced that Harper Sloan is the queen of the alpha males. If there is such a title, it's absolutely hers. Every one of her Corps Security men are over the top alpha and I love them all. There is just something extra about Nate. Maybe because he's Axel's son, I don't know, but I've been obsessing over him since I started When I'm With You.

I enjoyed not only the chemistry of Nate and Ember which is off the chain hot, but the storyline of When I'm With You. It grabbed me from the beginning and made me not want to put the book down. There's a little bit of mystery going on and there's a lot of humor there that Harper puts into all her books. You can literally go from that nervous feeling, to laughing out loud, to swooning all in the course of a few pages.

I love how the characters both old and new play a big part in the Hope Town series. Family dinners are a blast and just the laughs the families share make you want to be a part of them. Yes, once again I have willed myself to be best friends with a cast of fictional characters.

But back to Nate and Ember, because it is really their story. When Nate comes to the realization that he wants Ember to be his, he does everything in his power to convince Ember he has the same feelings she does. At first Ember's afraid, Nate's already shot her down twice (Oh, did I forget to mention a second time? Go and one click to find out) and she keeps wondering when he's going to change his mind and run this time. Will he run? Will he convince Ember he's hers forever? That's for you to find out and all you have to do is one click.

Nate Reid completely does it for me. He is so damn sexy. Everything about Nate had me hot and bothered and wishing I was Emberlyn Locke. This couple has been wanting each other for years. So when that pent up energy finally explodes, watch out! It's sexy and steamy and you might need a cold shower to calm it down. Seriously though Nate Reid is yummy. He is absolutely everything I could ask for in a book boyfriend.

Thank you Harper Sloan for writing two amazing series that just keep getting better with time. A five lip smack review from me for When I'm With You. Oh and I don't know who this cover model is, but damn, he makes me have supremely naughty thoughts.


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