The Gallo men are back in Chelle Bliss' latest release Honor Me and they are as sexy and alpha as ever. Chelle has solidified Joe Gallo as one of my absolute favorite book boyfriends and told a story that has plot twists and a serious jaw dropping moment.

Honor Me is told in dual point of views, by Joe and Suzy. Suzy is about ready to pop out twin baby girls to add to her and Joe's family. They already have Gigi, who is the apple of her father's eye, and now two more girls are on the way.

All of the Gallo brothers and their only sister Izzy (who is still my favorite badass chick) have at least one child. They are an incredibly tight family. Still sharing Sunday dinners at their parents house, still working together at Inked and still having boys and girls nights out. I love that Chelle makes them all so close.

Honor Me gives you some insight into all the Gallo's relationships and yes, they are all still deliciously naughty. Those boys know how to please their women and there are plenty of steamy scenes in this story that will have you fanning yourself. Keep Joe and Suzy together at Izzy and James' club in mind while you're reading, because, holy hotness. Which brings me back to Joe. He is just so sexy that I can't get him out of my head. His dark hair and blue eyes, not to mention that rock hard inked up body, drive me crazy. Oh, did I forget about his piercings? Yummmmmm.

Okay...deep breath and...back to the story. If you're new to the Men of Inked series, please get started reading quickly so you'll be caught up. Remember Uncover Me? How Thomas and James took down the Sun Devils MC? Well the Sun Devils make a return appearance in Honor Me. Only now, they're after all of the Gallos. So the boys band together and with the addition of the other ALFA PI men are on a mission to keep their families safe.

There is nothing sexier than men protecting what's theirs. Oh wait, unless it's Joe teaching Suzy how to shoot at the firing range. Seriously, he makes everything hot.

So even though the Gallos are in danger and everyone is on edge, Chelle Bliss still finds a way to put a lot of naughty humor into her story. Mom and dad Gallo even get in on the naughty fun. There is a running joke throughout the story that everyone will appreciate. Especially since it's something that freaks out all of our uber hot Gallo men.

There's a plot twist that I totally didn't see coming. Kudos girl, because you got me at that part. I almost lost it.

Honor Me brings together one of my favorite book families in a story that is sexy and yet suspenseful. Four solid lips smacks from me on Chelle Bliss' newest release.


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