"I'm looking up at the stars, the same damn ones you see from your apartment window. It seems far away when I look out over the horizon, but our horizons meet, Laney. I will seek comfort in that, until you let me in further; where I want to be, where I need to be. When you can open your heart, just a tiny bit, open your eyes and look up to all of the stars in the sky and let them guide you. I know where they will take you. I will be here waiting." ~ Dominic Segretti

Ok...I'm going to try to get you up to speed with this series. You should absolutely start with the Men of Steel Series and work your way to the Ties of Steel Series. The Men of Steel Series is a chronicle of the Steel Brothers. Four hot alpha male brothers and the story of their business and their women. Then move into Ties of Steel and Abe. Abe is not a Steel brother but a good friend and a financial genius. Oh and also, he's completely dominant in the bedroom and it's insanely hot.

Dominc The Prince is about Dominic Segretti, the Steel's first cousin. The story starts out with Dominic coming to the United States to work with his Steel cousins to regain control of the Segretti empire. It was taken over by the DeLuca family when Dominic's grandma remarried. Throw into the mix Jules DeLuca, Benito's wife who is trying to help Dominic take down her deviant husband. Jules is also very interested in a relationship with Dominic and spends some time on her knees proving that point. 

Next meet Delaney "Laney" Johnson. She is best friends with Nikki. Nikki is engaged to Abe, the CFO of Steel Inc. You don't remember Nikki? Then read Abe, I promise it'll be worth it. Laney has recently dumped her boyfriend James. She walked in on him having sex with another woman and clearly wasn't having any of that. So as you can guess Laney has trust issues. She also has some issues with her parents that have shaped the kind of person she is.

Now here come's the good part. Laney and Dominic meet at a casino in Atlantic City. Well at least I think it's Atlantic City. Of course they are instantly attracted to each other. Who wouldn't be attracted to Dominic? He body is completely lick worthy with that V that totally drives women crazy. Dark hair and eyes complete the total package that is Dominic. Oh wait, I forgot the accent. Seriously hot and when he throws Italian phrases into the mix, I'd probably do anything he asked me. When they get into that elevator, hold on to your panties girls, it's a hell of a ride. 

In an act completely uncharacteristic of herself, Laney goes back to Dominic's room and holy hell! The night they have is unbelievable. I cannot even do justice to describing the hotness that is Dominic Segretti in bed. Just know it will make you tingle EVERYWHERE! He made Laney tingle about five times in one night, so yes, I would say Dominic's hotness factor is blazing.

So now remember Nikki and Abe are together and Abe works at Steel Inc. Laney and Nikki are best friends and she shows up with Dominic who is a Steel cousin. The Steel brothers and Abe kind of know that Dominic and Jules DeLuca have a thing so they're worried that he'll hurt Laney. The thing is Dominic and completely in love with Laney from the word go. He's just a guy and sometimes they do stupid things.

After James and her issues with her parents, Laney has built walls around her heart. Dominic wants nothing more than to break them down. Laney lets him in a little bit and he screws it up and yes, it has something to do with Jules who I would enjoy giving a smack down to. But Laney isn't the only one with feelings of jealousy. Dominic keeps posting pictures of him and Laney on Instagram and letting her cowboy know that she's with Dominic. 

Just when you think everything is going to work out, Dominic regains control of his company, and he and Laney have worked out their trust issues, boom another silly mistake from Dominic and Laney gives up on him. 

Oh I forgot, Valentina is also an important part of the story. She is Dominic's little sister and he has spent his life protecting her. She decides she wants to live in New York City and in very Christian Greyesque style, Dominic has bought and renovated the building that she and Laney live in. Of course Valentina befriends Laney and tries to convince her that Dominic is worth another chance.

So here's the question will Dominic be able to make Laney understand she is all he wants? Will Laney realize that even with the tragedies of her past, she is allowed to be happy? Will there be any consequences from the way Dominic regained his company? 

You'll have to read Dominic The Prince, by M.J. Fields. I will tell you I am completely in love with Dominic he is so damn sexy, I can't get him out of my head. But the way he loves Laney is so intense, it sent me swooning. He is perfection in a very hot, sexy Italian package.

Yes of course I'm giving Dominic a five lip smack review. I love everything about this story and I'm looking forward to book three which will be Sabato's story.


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