"I love what I know of you and trust what I've yet to learn. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the woman you will become, and falling in love a little more every day. I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us." ~ Liam Sinclair Breckenridge

I know I say this a lot and I'm telling you for this book, if you haven't read A Necessary Sin, you must one click it now!! First of all it's a terrific read and second, if you don't you'll be lost during The Next Sin. So click...I'll wait.

Ok I'm giving you some smallish help to get back up to speed. When we left Sinclair and Bleu at the end of book one in our trilogy, Sinclair was handcuffed to his bed and Bleu was escaping from a certain death at the hand of Sinclair's Uncle Abram. Abram is second in command of The Fellowship and he thinks it is Bleu's intention to bring them down.

That may have started out to be Bleu's intention, but then she met and fell in love with Sinclair and all of her plans fell by the wayside. Well, except the plan to find out who from The Fellowship murdered her mother and left her for dead as a child.

Fast forward three months. Bleu thinks she's hiding in plain sight from The Fellowship. What she doesn't know is Sinclair has found her. He watches her every move and waits for the right time to make his presence known. Of course this happens when he thinks another man is interested in Bleu. Sinclair makes sure Bleu's childhood boyfriend knows that she's unavailable. 

Sinclair proceeds to tell Bleu that Uncle Abram is on her trail and if he could find her so could Abram. Sinclair proposes a solution to this problem and it's an actual proposal. Sinclair wants to marry Bleu. Once she becomes his wife. Abram can't continue to hunt Bleu down. Once they marry, Bleu is completely part of The Fellowship as Sinclair's wife and to The Fellowship, she is untouchable. The only problem with that theory is Uncle Abram doesn't quite play by the rules.

Once Sinclair and Bleu marry, they go back to Sinclair's home in Scotland. His mom and dad who love Bleu are thrilled and right away start putting baby pressure on Bleu and Sinclair. They mean well but damn give them a minute to be newlyweds.

Once back home Sinclair needs to get back to Fellowship business and Bleu is on the hunt for her mother's killer. Bleu gets unexpected help in this mission from Isobel, Sinclair's mother. Throughout the story, Bleu is more and more convinced that Uncle Abram if the man that killed her mother.

Business for The Fellowship has taken an unfortunate turn and now a rival group called The Order is making trouble for The Fellowship. While Sinclair's trying to deal with this mess, he's also trying to prove to Bleu that she will always be the most important part of his life.

Getting pregnant is also an issue for Bleu, because she's been told by doctors throughout her life that it will be difficult if not impossible to conceive. If she can't conceive, Sinclair will have no heir to take over The Fellowship as he is ready to do for his father.

So we have problems with Uncle Abram being suspicious of Bleu. We have The Order making all sorts of problems for Sinclair. Bleu searching for her mom's killer and of course Sinclair and Bleu trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later.

Now that we've got the storyline pretty well taken care of, let's get to the swoon worthy book boyfriendness of Sinclair Breckenridge. He's beyond beautiful. Just look at the cover. Dark hair, dark eyes, fit body, perfect amount of stubble and that accent...perfection.

But his love of Bleu is even more amazing. Being raised in The Fellowship he was basically kept away from his mother and raised by the men of The Fellowship. How he became so loving and perfect I don't know, because that doesn't seem how those men work. 

Sinclair can be sweet and tender in bed and he can be naughty in bed and both ways are enough to make your lady parts all tingly. 

Of course there are some secrets I left out because I want you to one click and read this amazing book. Sinclair has secrets, Bleu has secrets and I'm sure we'll learn more along the way. 

I'd like to tell you Bleu and Sinclair have a lovely life and live happily ever after, but I can't. Then Next Sin ends in a bigger cliff hanger than the first book. It is jaw dropping, oh no, how did this happen big. I totally can't wait for the conclusion to this trilogy. 

A five lip smack review for The Next Sin. Every bit as good as A Necessary Sin. Thank you Georgia Cates!!


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