"I'm going to tell you this once, Axel. I love your daughter. I've loved her before it was right to feel that way. I fought those feelings until she was ready for me, because I'll tell you this. It was never a question that I was ready for her. What we have is something I will never feel worthy of. Not of her love. Something she gives me without hesitation. I know she deserves the best that life can hand her. You do not need to remind me of that. But even though I don't think I'm good enough for her, I'll spend my life making sure that she knows she's the best thing I will ever have." ~ Cohen Cage

I have to say, I am loving this trend in books of bringing the next generation in to continue their families stories. So Unexpected Fate is a mix of Harper Sloane's Corps Security alphas and their various off spring. Our first story is about Axel Reid's daughter Dani and Greg Cage's boy Cohen. 

The prologue to Unexpected Fate had me cracking up. Poor Dani is trying to go to her senior prom and her alpha male dad and brother are not making it easy. It was completely comical to read the way Axel behaved when Dani tried to go to prom. Imagine gun toting Axel Reid giving his daughter's date the once over. Then wise cracking brother Nate starts making comments and the only boy brave enough to ask Danielle Reid on a date is running out the front door.

Enter Cohen Cage. Brother Nate was kind enough to get the jaw droppingly beautiful Cohen to take Dani to prom. Everybody trusts Cohen with Dani. Little do they know Dani has had a crush on Cohen her entire life. Dani is the envy of all the girls at prom. She's with a gorgeous older man (yes, Cohen is 5 years older than Dani). And this "date" with Cohen just solidifies the way she feels about him.

Of course in Unexpected Fate, Harper brings back the characters from the Corps Security books. Sway is back and Dani works at his salon. Sway is his usual fabulous self and there's a reality show begin filmed at his shop. There are also most of the kids of the Corps Security men and thankfully my book partner Emily sent me a chart to get me up to speed.

So, we have Dani in absolute love with Cohen and finally allowing some of her feelings to come through to him. Remember the part where Dani is sick in bed. It's sweet and sexy at the same time. Now here's the thing. Cohen who's probably always had feelings for Dani is now fighting to control his desire around her. Keep in mind most everyone adults and offspring alike have always felt the connection between Dani and Cohen and figure it's only a matter of time until they get together. Also remember the picture on the dock. Cutest thing ever.

As much as Cohen wants to act on his feelings for Dani, he feels like he can't. As you can see from his plea to Axel, he already feels like he's not good enough for Dani. Add onto that the knowledge he's leaving to go on a special ops mission and doesn't know when he'll return.

Dani finally makes the decision to put her feelings for Cohen out there. The thing is Cohen knows he's crazy about Dani. He just convinces himself he can't act on those feelings. Well, that holds up until the night before Cohen leaves for his mission. After a few too many drinks, he and Dani give into their passion and it is just Bam!!! 

The vibe between Dani and Cohen is steamy even when they're not in bed together. So imagine how totally hot it is the first time they get together. Very hot, very schmexy and I loved every minute of it.

You know there's more to the story. It can't be all hearts and flowers. Oh flowers, remember that too. Cohen is deployed and Dani is absolutely devastated. In the midst of this devastation, Dani starts getting flowers from someone on a weekly basis. Someone she thinks is Cohen. Someone she finds out is most definitely not Cohen. Can you say stalker?

Harper has given us, humor, romance and suspense all rolled up into one fabulous read. I started this series with Axel and loved it. I can honestly say I may love Unexpected Fate a little bit more. There are a lot of unexpected twists, but the best part of it all was the unexpected fate Dani always wanted and Cohen didn't see coming.

I was a fan of Harper Sloan before Unexpected Fate and I definitely think she is even more fabulous now. Of course a five lip smack review for Unexpected Fate, I can't wait for the next one!!!


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