"Then when I'm finished fucking you, I'll make love to you, slow and soft. It will be a first for me, but I'll take care of you. I'll make sure that you know what it means to be mine Frankie. It's something that I should have showed you long before now. I have a lot of time to make up for, but we'll call the last few  years foreplay." ~Deacon Love

If ever in my life I could have someone love me, I would wish for the kind of love that Deacon Love has for Frankie DeRosa. Deacon has an all consuming love for Frankie and even though he does some totally stupid guy type things, I would grab him and hold on for dear life. Sweet Jesus, I want to know what it feels like to be his.

Deacon and his two brothers Sonny and Maverick have been raised by their single dad. Frankie is an only child raised be her single dad. Together the two families love and take care of each other. The dads run a gym and Deacon's family all take part in his training team. As an MMA fighter,  The Hitman as he's called is a volatile fighter. He's also a volatile man that fights fiercely and loves fiercely and God help me I loved ever single bit of him.

Everything about Deacon Love is sexy. His body which is the body of a god, according to Frankie. That V cut...All I wanted was to be able to lick it. His dark hair that he wears long and puts in a man bun when he fights and oh Lord those hazel eyes framed with thick dark lashes.  You get the picture. He's panty dropping perfection.

I need to share one more thing that made me love Deacon. Even when they're not together, he calls Frankie "my girl". I don't know why, I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He also always kisses the inside of her wrist. The way he loves Frankie is yes...swoon worthy.

Deacon is an absolute alpha male of the caveman variety. He's been in love with Frankie since they were children. But, for some reason he's never felt worthy of her love, so Deacon is a huge womanizer. He's watched Frankie with boyfriends over the years and on her birthday finally decides to put his feelings out there. The decision to do that is made when at the birthday party Deacon has thrown, Frankie's latest boyfriend Andrew asks her to marry him. When Deacon takes Frankie to his office and tells her not to marry Andrew, the  kiss they share is unbelievable. It's probably one of the hottest kiss scenes I've ever read. Holy hell, everything about Deacon Love was Africa hot and I was in love from chapter one.

I know what you're thinking, Deacon tells Frankie he loves her, Frankie loves him back and that's the story right? Wrong...Frankie tells Deacon she can't hear that right now, Deacon goes away on his MMA tour and they don't speak for two months.

Then Deacon gets a frightening phone call from a barely breathing Frankie and his world is flipped upside down. He literally moves heaven and earth to get to Frankie. When his brother finds Frankie, she's lying in a pool of blood among the shattered glass of  her bathroom shower. Thankfully they get Frankie to the hospital. Deacon rushes there from his fight location and doesn't leave her side for close to two weeks. 

Frankie was beaten almost to death by her "perfect" Assistant District Attorney boyfriend Andrew. Then Andrew goes missing...shocking. Things are touch and go for Frankie and Deacon comes close to losing it more than once while Frankie's in a medically induced coma. In the hospital day after day, Deacon talks to Frankie constantly and makes sure music she loves is on in her room all the time.

When Frankie wakes up, Deacon is overwrought with emotion. He cries and holds on to her. I don't think he could handle how close he came to losing Frankie. Oh, in the mean time another ex-boyfriend/dance partner shows up at the hospital. Cristiano shows up and tries to take over (sneering). I didn't like his weaseling self from the first second he showed up.

Anyway, Frankie and Deacon decide to give a relationship a try. As much as she tried to deny it, Frankie knows Deacon is her person. She knows she loves him, but she's afraid to become one of Deacon's girls. It's bad enough having to deal with his ex playthings, but to be afraid to lose him to one becomes too much for Frankie.

I will tell you in the bedroom, hell any room they're in their sex is boiling hot. Deacon is a dirty talker and Frankie loves it. Everything about Deacon oozes sex appeal and what makes it even better is Frankie is the love of Deacon's life.

Now, Deacon goes back to fighting and you think he and Frankie are going to be all good. Well, that's not the way our story goes. Frankie finds out something stupid that Deacon did and once again, they stop talking. 

If you think Deacon was unhinged the first time they stopped talking he is unhinged on octane this time. When Frankie told him she loved him enough to let him go, I was bawling. Actually, because of all of the emotion in the story I was on the brink of tears quite a lot. Please don't think I've given any spoilers, because there's so much more to this story. You get a major, major plot twist and guys, it's a cliff hanger ending. I can not wait for the next book.

I have to give Love Hurts a five lip smack review. It's a really good story and honestly Mandi Beck's writing had me emotional through the whole book. Now please, hurry up and write book two.....pretty please.

Little do you know...


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