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Unafraid Melody Grace

You're going to feel me for days," he whispers, "I'm going to own you, every part of you. Even your heart."
     "Especially your heart." 
Hunter to Brittany in Unafraid

So my first thought for this next post was to go back to my girl Abbi Glines. I was so ready to share Rush Finlay. Then my book buddy (you know who you are 😊) said, "You have to read Unafraid by Melody Grace! Hunter is amazing!" Well I downloaded the book as soon as I left her and spent the rest of my night with Hunter Covington. And trust me, he  was well worth the lack of sleep. 

     The book is a stand alone, but Brittany Ray is a character from Untouched and Unbroken, which are novels about her brother Emerson (Also both great reads. And yes Emerson is a total book boyfriend). Brittany is definitely a broken character. She's had a sucky childhood. Dad that didn't hang around. Mom who found drugs and men more important than her children. As a result, Brit…

Welcome to Best Book Boyfriends

I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. I read early as a child and always above my grade level. As an adult reading is what relaxes me. I have become hooked on the newest genre of reading...NA or New Adult reading. It's a step up from Young Adult. Older characters, sexier story lines, women pretty much taking what they want. A good girls fantasy come true. I have always loved bad boys and so when I read E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey of course Christian became my first book boyfriend. I spent many night with Mr. Grey, up until the early morning hours, enjoying Christian's kinky fuckery. Next came Sylvia Day's Gideon Cross in Bared to You, and I was hooked.

     When I thought about blogging books were the one idea I kept coming back to. Authors have Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are Twitter sites dedicated to Role Play for book characters. So reviewing books and giving my special book boyfriend seal of approval seemed like a logical choice.