Unafraid Melody Grace

     " You're going to feel me for days," he whispers, "I'm going to own you, every part of you. Even your heart."
     "Especially your heart." 
Hunter to Brittany in Unafraid

     So my first thought for this next post was to go back to my girl Abbi Glines. I was so ready to share Rush Finlay. Then my book buddy (you know who you are 😊) said, "You have to read Unafraid by Melody Grace! Hunter is amazing!" Well I downloaded the book as soon as I left her and spent the rest of my night with Hunter Covington. And trust me, he  was well worth the lack of sleep. 

     The book is a stand alone, but Brittany Ray is a character from Untouched and Unbroken, which are novels about her brother Emerson (Also both great reads. And yes Emerson is a total book boyfriend). Brittany is definitely a broken character. She's had a sucky childhood. Dad that didn't hang around. Mom who found drugs and men more important than her children. As a result, Brit is something of a wild child. 

     She's angry about the shitty hand life has dealt her. She's bitter that in the sleepy, summer town of Beachwood Bay, she's the white trash townie. Brit is the girl boys do not bring home to meet mama. She's the kind of girl boys take in the back seat of their pick up. Which is what we learn about her in the beginning of the book. And of course she buys into the whole town slut routine and believes no one will ever want her. She's convinced she'll never be good enough for anyone to love....except for Hunter. 

     Three years ago Hunter Covington and his uppity, wealthy family summered in Beachwood Bay. Where Hunter's grandpa had a horse ranch and Hunter and his brother Jace spend one amazing summer. That summer Hunter fell for the town's bad girl. Only he worshipped her from afar. That's right spent the entire summer not talking to her. Crazy right? Until the last beach bonfire party when Jace tells Hunter, it's now or never. 

    Hunter sees his chance to get to Brit when two townie boys are harassing her on the beach. They know Brit's reputation, and try to make her agree to a threesome. Hunter sees this and races to rescue. The scuffle on the beach ends with Jace jumping in to protect his little brother and Hunter chasing after Brit, who is not eternally grateful for the rescue. She's not used to anyone other than her brother sticking up for her and doesn't quite know what to do with Hunter's show of chivalry. 

     At first their encounter is awkward. Between the arguing and getting to know each other. That night after Hunter rushes to rescue Brittany on the beach they actually talk. Now in the story you get the hint that Brit's not the only broken one. You see Brittany's wall finally crack and give into what she wants, which of course is Hunter. She's shocked at how much he's learned about her over the summer. Brittany has a hard time believing he wants her for more than just sex. Because, basically that's all she's ever known in her life. What she doesn't get is Hunter really wants more. So after their night together she just up and leaves him. Never knowing how Hunter really felt and not allowing her self to love him. 

     Three years later Hunter comes back to Beachwood Bay. He's a Yale grad. Taking over grandpa's horse ranch. Putting it back together after years of neglect. Mostly he's come back to get Brit to trust him. He hates that she left that summer night three years ago. 

     Of course Brit doesn't make it easy for Hunter and he definitely has his work cut out for him. She battles her doubts and insecurities and Hunter tries to make her understand it's Brittany he really wants. All of her the good and the bad. Brit thinks Hunter is perfect, but what she doesn't know is he's got some darkness of his own he's dealing with. 

     When Hunter finally takes Brit to bed....holy hell is it hot!  It's quite possibly one of the hottest sex scenes in the many New Adult and Young Adult novels I've read. I have never been one to fall for blonde hair and blue eyes, but in the case of Hunter Covington, I would gladly change from my usual dark hair and green eyed model. 

     After our lovers wake up from this glorious night, Hunter gets a phone call from his snotty as hell mother that daddy's had a heart attack. Come home. Being the dutiful son, Hunter does just that, bringing Brit with him. Mama Covington takes one look at Brit and sends her packing. 

     And that my dear readers is "the bump" in the story. Do they work it out? Does Hunter stay? Does Brit get her fairytale? I feel like I've said too much already. So go now... Download or go to the bookstore and buy Unafraid by Melody Grace. I promise, you won't be disappointed. 



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