Simple Perfection Abbi Glines

"In all her twisted perfection, she had made me fall helplessly in love with her" Woods Kerrington

It's no secret that Abbi Glines is one of my favorite New Adult authors. I have read all of her series and most of her books more than one time. Two of my favorite book boyfriends are Beau Vincent and Rush Finlay. And yes I have crushes on, well most of her male characters. With that being said, yes, Woods Kerrington of Simple Perfection is completely swoon worthy. 

Simple Perfection starts off at the funeral of Woods father, who died of a heart attack at the end of Twisted Perfection.  Woods is upset his dad died, but can't find it in his heart to forgive, because of all the pain his dad caused Della. You remember her. Woods one night stand who turned into the love of his life.  Woods mom, is the mother from hell. Even in mourning, she still has the ability to be a horrible bitter woman who tries to sabotage her son. Through it all Woods still tells mom he loves her and will take care of her. Of course the stipulation being mom accepts Della. Mom wants no part of that and Woods leaves. 

Slithering back into the picture is Woods' ex-fiancĂ©e Angelina. She moves in with Woods' mom explaining she's going to take care of her. Anyone with a smidgen of brain knows it's all about trying to get Woods back. Of course Woods calls her on it. He basically tells her he'll never want her and to pack it in. Angelina doesn't appreciate that and goes after Della for revenge. Lucky for Della, badass Blaire (The Fallen Series) comes to her rescue. Seriously, besides the hot guys, Blair is one of my favorite Abbi characters. If I can come back as a book character, I want to be Blair. It's probably one of the best scenes in the book. 

After the Angelina debacle, Woods becomes even more protective of Della. Woods wants her around him all the time. He doesn't want her to work or go anywhere without him. When he finally allows Della to come and work as his assistant, he realizes she can do an amazing job. She is a natural and Woods is impressed by Della as always. But Della being Della feels that his protectiveness will eventually become resentment. Della doesn't get the whole Woods is crazy in love with her thing. As close as they seem and as amazing as their sex is. Yes, it's pretty damn steamy. She thinks she's going to lose him. 

Della's solution is of course to leave. She decides to continue what she began before she met Woods. She's going to travel with Tripp (Another Rosemary Beach character) and find herself. Tripp is incredibly hot himself and I imagine if Della wasn't with Woods, Tripp would be all up in her business. But apparently in Rosemary Beach, guys are respectful of their buddies women, imagine? Anyway, Tripp comes to take Della away so she can sort through all the crap in her life. (BTW Abbi, if you're reading, Tripp could use his own book. Just a thought) Around here in the book I thought Woods was going to have a nervous breakdown. But he held it together. As much as he wants to go after her, all of his friends let him know, Della has to find her way back to him. 

In the midst of all this, Woods' psycho of a mother is being taken care of by that snake Angelina. At one point Angelina admits she still wants Woods and she's doing everything she can to win him back. The thing is, I'm sure Angelina is thinking in terms of merger, not marriage. 

Momzilla even tries to take the club away from Woods by trying to turn the board of directors against him. I loved the way Woods solved this problem. It was incredibly clever. 

Della eventually finds her way to her best friend Braden's home. Braden has some information for Della that turns the world as she knows it upside down. She spends time with Braden who is clearly the best friend ever invented. Della finally begins to see herself as a strong women. And when she decides what she wants, damn she really decides what she wants. 

Abbi also gives us some background information on Bethy. (Blair's friend from The Fallen Series) Because in a secondary part of the story, Bethy is spinning out of control and her boyfriend Jace doesn't know what to do. He decides on a plan to get Bethy's head back on straight. Jace is definitely a character I really grew to like throughout Rush and Blair's story and now Woods and Della's story. 

Some advice, watch out for the twist towards the end. It's something you'll never see coming. 

Well, I'd like to think I've convinced you to read Simple Perfection.  If I haven't just remember it's Abbi Glines and you love her. Seriously though, it's an excellent continuation of Woods and Della's story. Read it! Let me know what you think. 


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