Broken by Ryanne Anthony (The M Series)

Ok so I know I usually pick out a book boyfriend, but this book had so many delicious men, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Broken is a story of two families, The Cannon family and the Harvey family. Through marriage and friendship these two families have merged to become one super family. They've come together one Saturday afternoon for a marathon therapy session. It seems there's a secret that finally needs to come out into the open. 

The story begins in the office of Victoria Fields, a therapist with a few secrets of her own I might add. It seems Amanda Cannon, wife of Joshua Cannon, the youngest Cannon brother, has been seeing Victoria as a patient. They've brought the whole family in for this session to finally put out in the open the mess their marriage has become. 

One interesting thing about this book, you get to meet all the Cannons and all the Harveys. You get to know a little bit about them and their secrets. This allows author Ryanne Anthony to set up the background for the M Series. All the Cannon brothers and their wives get their own novel. 

Back to our story. Joshua and Mandy have just informed their family members that Joshua cheated on Mandy. They're both devastated by this and it throws the other family members into a sort of holy shit! Frenzy. 

Evelyn, the only Cannon sister is particularly devastated by this news. While she's ripping a new one into her younger brother, she mistakenly calls him daddy. Secret number two. Evelyn is the product of an affair between Stephen, the Cannon patriarch and Joan Turner (A lesbian gold digger with her own secrets). Evelyn or Evie as her family calls her is beside herself with this information. It brings up the pain of her past and her insecurities as an adult. 

The focus of Broken however, is Joshua and Mandy.  The infidelity is killing them. And while first you're going to be pissed at Joshua and think, "Ha! Typical man."  When you read the reason behind it, your hearts going to break a little for the youngest Cannon. And yes, you'll hope Mandy takes him back. Oh! One more thing. The woman he cheated with, yea, she's pregnant. 

Without a doubt. There's a lot of angst in this novel. You'll be sad, you'll be angry, but you'll also laugh. With three pregnant women (not telling who) and a brother who was born to be the class clown, there's definite levity mixed into the story. 

Which leads to my book boyfriend, Matthew Cannon. Yes Ryanne I do love me some Matthew and I'm waiting rather impatiently for his story to be released. Matthew is the middle brother and seems to be the typical middle child. Katherine, the Cannon mom is always head slapping her middle boy. You just get the feeling Matthew wants everything to be ok. He wants everyone to be happy. 

Matthew is married to Madison. There are a lot of Ms to keep up with. Madison is another of my favorite characters. She's feisty and funny and she keeps Matthew in his place. And yes she does have a secret. A secret that could destroy her and Matthew. 

Marcus is the eldest Cannon brother and his wife is Mariah. And while they seem like the perfect couple. There are secrets between them as well. 

Here's the thing. On the outside the Cannons appear to be living perfect lives. They're beautiful, wealthy people. Who wouldn't want to be them. Once you get a look inside, you see that they're all dealing with different pain and it makes them human. 

Victoria and her husband Tim who is also a therapist do a brilliant job of trying to put the broken Cannons back together again. 

I sat down and read this one Saturday afternoon. I loved the idea of the story, I wanted to know more about the characters. I even knew which one I'd want to be in case they ever make a movie about the Cannons. But, I'm not going to tell you that either (Ok, I will.  Monica, but you'll have to read the book to figure out why). 

Anyway, read Broken. It's a great story with amazing characters. Find it on Smashwords, Amazon, and iBooks. Follow Ryanne on twitter AuthorRyanneAnthony @Ryanne_Anthony. 

Enjoy! Don't forget. Tell me what you think!!


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