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Molly McAdams, how I love you! You could probably write a grocery store list and I'd buy it. Even though you shredded my soul in Taking Chances and Stealing Harper, I absolutely adore you.

Sometimes after you read a book, you still feel it even after you're done with it. That's the kind of book I See You is. I just started thinking about it after having finished it a few weeks ago and I got that feeling in my chest like, omg I love this story and I could read it over and over again. And that's exactly what I did.

Imagine one night with a boy so amazing that you couldn't forget it. One night so mind blowing you came back the next week to find the boy you promised you'd forget about. But just like he said he was gone. Only you can't forget him. Even after you find a perfectly wonderful boyfriend, you can't forget those dark eyes, or that lean, muscled body. You remember the way he made you feel in bed that night, when you shouldn't be thinking about him…


If you read J. Daniels Four Letter Word, you've already met Jamie McCade and Tori Rivera. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go one click it now and read it ASAP. It should definitely be at the top of your TBR. As soon as you finish Four Letter Word, you need to start Hit The Spot which is Tori and Jamie's story.

Tori and Jamie have a love/hate relationship all through Four Letter Word. Jamie's mission in life is to get with the sexy beauty he calls Legs and Tori well she pretty much does everything she can to discourage Jamie. Which includes dropping his food on the floor of the kitchen at the restaurant she works at in hopes that he'll catch some horrible disease and chopping down the womanizing surfer boy every chance she gets.

Even though she's taken at the moment, Tori can't overlook Jamie's model good looks. Dirty blonde, longish surfer hair, tanned and toned body and those dimples. Don't forget the dimples, every time …


Have you ever finished reading a book and instantly wanted to start it all over again? That's what happened the second I finished Road To Nowhere by M. Robinson. Like everything I have read by M, this book did not disappoint. Monica is a fantastic storyteller who weaves an intricate tale you just can't put down. 

I knew Road To Nowhere would be special to me. Almost exactly one year ago to date I read Complicate Me and fell in instalove with Lucas Ryder and the writing of Monica Robinson. So I knew Lucas' daughter's story would also be special to my heart.
Once again Monica outdoes herself telling a story that is at times funny (anytime the Good Ol' Boys are together), heartbreaking and hopeful. Road To Nowhere is told over the span of six years. From the day Creed Jameson and Mia Ryder meet up until... well I'll save that for you to read.

If you were a little confused about Mia's situation at the end of El Diablo, don't worry everything will be cleared u…


All I want in life is for Brian Savage to be my boy. No seriously, I'm not kidding. Have you read Four Letter Word by J. Daniels yet? I didn't think J. could make me love a book boyfriend more than I love Benjamin Kelly, but she absolutely did. 

Brian Savage....OMG. He is absolute perfection. The way he looks, the way he talks, his body, made me crazy. And let me tell you, this boy in the bedroom, holy hotness! The way he took care of his girl, made me wish I was Sydney more than anything on the planet.

Now that I've thoroughly gushed over the very sexy Brian Savage, I can get down to the story. Sydney Whittaker is taken by surprise by her husband and high school sweetheart when he tells her he's no longer in love with her.

Syd packs up her life and finds herself at her best friend Tori's place in North Carolina. Tori has her own man problems and because Syd is such a good friend, she puts her problems aside and takes on Tori's problem and that's when the fun …