If you read J. Daniels Four Letter Word, you've already met Jamie McCade and Tori Rivera. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for? Seriously, go one click it now and read it ASAP. It should definitely be at the top of your TBR. As soon as you finish Four Letter Word, you need to start Hit The Spot which is Tori and Jamie's story.

Tori and Jamie have a love/hate relationship all through Four Letter Word. Jamie's mission in life is to get with the sexy beauty he calls Legs and Tori well she pretty much does everything she can to discourage Jamie. Which includes dropping his food on the floor of the kitchen at the restaurant she works at in hopes that he'll catch some horrible disease and chopping down the womanizing surfer boy every chance she gets.

Even though she's taken at the moment, Tori can't overlook Jamie's model good looks. Dirty blonde, longish surfer hair, tanned and toned body and those dimples. Don't forget the dimples, every time he smiles that brilliant smile. Let me interject here. Jamie's hotness comes right through J. Daniels writing. I could picture the hair, the body and the smile and I was more than smitten. Did I mention the surfing? Because yeah, there's that too.

Their back and forth banter through most of the story will keep you laughing. You'll realize there's so much more to Jamie than being a spoiled, womanizing surfer boy. You'll become a cheerleader for Jamie and want Tori to come to her senses and just get with that boy. Just like Tori's best friend Sydney did in Four Letter Word.

Then just when you think Tori's going to give Jamie a chance, he goes and does something super stupid and just ruins everything. But never fear, Jamie's been chasing after Legs for nine months and he's not about to give up.

After a smallish bump in the road Tori and Jamie's relationship takes a small twist. Jamie bets Tori that he can have her begging him for sex. Tori, not one to back down from a challenge bets she can have Jamie begging. The shenanigans that ensue between the two of them are not only sexy but laugh out loud funny.

We know Tori is a take no BS kind of chick, especially with all the nonsense she went through with boyfriend in the beginning of Hit The Spot. Jamie gets to her soft and as much as Tori tries to fight it, her walls begin to come down.

I would have never lasted as long as Tori did in the contest she and Jamie started. I would have be begging many chapters sooner. When they finally get together, their sex is smoking hot. The two have crazy chemistry to begin with and Jamie is like the energizer bunny. He can go and go and go. And Lord he is good at EVERYTHING!

Just when you think Tori and Jamie are on their way to a happily ever after, there's another bump. It causes Jamie to walk away and Tori to put her walls back up. Will they work it out or will Jamie go back to his womanizing ways?

Just an FYI Jamie McCade and Brian Savage are two of my favorite book boyfriends of 2016. I don't know if I could pick between them because they're both so delicious. 

I love my Bama boys, but the new guys in town are my latest addiction. Five swooning stars for J. Daniels and Hit The Spot.


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