Have you ever finished reading a book and instantly wanted to start it all over again? That's what happened the second I finished Road To Nowhere by M. Robinson. Like everything I have read by M, this book did not disappoint. Monica is a fantastic storyteller who weaves an intricate tale you just can't put down. 

I knew Road To Nowhere would be special to me. Almost exactly one year ago to date I read Complicate Me and fell in instalove with Lucas Ryder and the writing of Monica Robinson. So I knew Lucas' daughter's story would also be special to my heart.

Once again Monica outdoes herself telling a story that is at times funny (anytime the Good Ol' Boys are together), heartbreaking and hopeful. Road To Nowhere is told over the span of six years. From the day Creed Jameson and Mia Ryder meet up until... well I'll save that for you to read.

If you were a little confused about Mia's situation at the end of El Diablo, don't worry everything will be cleared up and you'll understand why Road To Nowhere is Mia and Creed's story.

If you're into MC guys, Creed is your guy. Perfect, from his extremely goods looks and sexy body to the ink that covers him. I think the way he speaks, especially when he leaves out pronouns is super hot. His confidence and swagger also add to Creed's super sexiness.

Of course, Monica gives him an incredible storyline. He's befallen by some terrible tragedies in his life. Yes M I cried. You get me every time. Creed's life is a very dark place. Even before he realizes it, a young Mia Ryder brings light into the darkness of his life.

Speaking of young Mia Ryder. She meets Creed when she's nine years old and she is a sassy, spitfire who isn't afraid to speak up to anyone.  Including the scary Devil's Reject that crosses her path on day at her mom's restaurant. Funny thing is, Mia doesn't find Creed scary and even though there's a nine year age difference between them, Mia finds a way to get under Creed's skin.

Which leads me to the incredible sexual tension between Creed and Mia. Obviously not when she's nine years old, but as a teenager, Mia kept being harder and harder to resist. Keep on the look out for Mia and Creed's scene on the motorcycle. That is blazing hot!

I'm always amazed to read how Monica brings characters from her different books into play. And in Road To Nowhere, she effortlessly weaves together The Good Ol Boys, Martinez and now a whole new crew in the Devil's Rejects. I love the way she links everyone together. Mason and Creed are friends because their moms are bffs.

Monica Robinson has a gift for bringing characters to life. You feel their emotions. You grow attached to these characters on pages and invite them into your real life. I know because I've been in total love with Mia's dad Lucas for a year now. 

Road To Nowhere was everything I hoped it would be and more. In one short year, Monica Robinson has become one of my go to authors. I can't wait to read what she comes up with next!

An absolute five star review for Road To Nowhere.


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