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     I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. I read early as a child and always above my grade level. As an adult reading is what relaxes me. I have become hooked on the newest genre of reading...NA or New Adult reading. It's a step up from Young Adult. Older characters, sexier story lines, women pretty much taking what they want. A good girls fantasy come true. I have always loved bad boys and so when I read E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey of course Christian became my first book boyfriend. I spent many night with Mr. Grey, up until the early morning hours, enjoying Christian's kinky fuckery. Next came Sylvia Day's Gideon Cross in Bared to You, and I was hooked.

     When I thought about blogging books were the one idea I kept coming back to. Authors have Facebook and Twitter accounts. There are Twitter sites dedicated to Role Play for book characters. So reviewing books and giving my special book boyfriend seal of approval seemed like a logical choice.

     The author who has given me the most book boyfriend material is Abbi Glines. I discovered her accidentally and she has become my guilty pleasure.

     With that being said. If you haven't read The Vincent Boys, read it as soon as you can. The story revolves around two cousins, Beau and Sawyer Vincent and the girl both of them love. The three have been best friends since they were children. So it only makes sense one of them gets the girl.

     Ashton Gray is the town's golden girl. She's also the preacher's daughter who has been dating the perfect Sawyer Vincent for years. During the summer when her boyfriend Sawyer is away, Ashton rekindles her friendship with Beau. It's during this time Ashton learns how much she changed and begins to feel like she chose the wrong Vincent boy.

     Don't get me wrong, Sawyer is sweet and perfect, but he's no Beau Vincent. Beau may be the town's bad boy, but he loves Ashton fiercely and would do anything for her.

     The three main characters have been best friends since they were children. As time passes, Sawyer and Ashton become boyfriend and girlfriend and Beau is the odd man out. During two weeks in the summer while Sawyer is away, Beau and Ashton rekindle their friendship. Only their friendship becomes much more.

     There's turmoil when Sawyer returns and discovers Beau and Ashton. Beau learns a secret about his own life and Ashton's perfect life spirals out of control. Questions are answered at the end for all three main characters. Will Ashton choose the wrong Vincent boy? Or end up alone. Read The Vincent Boys to find out.

     If you decide Sawyer is the book boy friend for you, don't fret. He gets his own story in The Vincent Brothers. Me? I can't wait for Abbi to write the next Vincent Boys novel.



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