"He's a man with demons, and this is how he fights them. He knows that. He owns it.

I'm a woman with demons, and I've been searching for years for a way to fight back. Hiding behind a laundry list of crutches, everything from meaningless  encounters, to a bad marriage, to pharmaceuticals."

You probably remember Dallas Sykes from the Stark International series. Our seductive hero gets his own story in Dirtiest Secret.

Everyone knows Dallas Sykes is a notorious playboy, a man for whom women and money are no object. But to Jane Martin, Dallas is the one man who knows her better than anyone else. He's the one man she desperately craves. He's also the one man she can never have.

J. Kenner's Dirtiest Secret hooked me from page one and never let go. As damaged as Dallas Sykes is, I absolutely love him. He's unbelievably good looking. Dark hair and green eyes ALWAYS do it for me. His body is hot beyond belief and he's known to give women exactly what they want.

Dallas has A LOT of dirty secrets, but I'm not sharing them because they're not my secrets to tell. Besides it's so much better if you learn them from Dallas.

Guess what? Jane has some of her own secrets. Now it wouldn't be fair if I told you Jane's and not Dallas'. So you're just going to have to one click Dirtiest Secret and read about all Dallas and Jane's deliciously naughty secrets.

I will give you one bit of information. Dallas and Jane have known each other since they were children. They have always been close. There's always been an attraction between them. But seventeen years ago something happened that changed them and their relationship forever.

Now as adults, both of them feel something is missing in their lives. They both know they miss each other terribly, but one of their dirty secrets keeps them apart. This secret is huge. You'll find it out pretty quickly when  you read the book, but it's huge and it's dirty and it will just make you want to keep reading.

Dallas and Jane took different paths in life to try to forget the tragedy of their teen age years. Their families covered it up and Dallas and Jane handle their pain in completely different ways. The only thing that is similar about them is the feelings they have for each other.

A new development in their case brings them back together. Dallas is keeping huge secrets from Jane and he's sure if she finds out what is it that he actually does, it will destroy the tenuous relationship they share.

Jane, who I completely love, has decided she doesn't care about secrets anymore, she doesn't care if being with Dallas is the wrong thing to do. She. Wants. Him. And boy does she let him know it. Dallas doesn't think he's good for Jane and does everything he can to discourage her. Encouraged by a friend that know all of their secrets she goes after her man and when Dallas gives into his feelings...they literally steam up the pages. J. Kenner writes scenes that are so sexy, you'll be fanning yourself to cool down. If I could just include, J Kenner hi I would love it if that particular friend got his own book...just saying.

But back to reviewing. I love the way J. Kenner writes and Dirtiest Secret is no different. You get sucked in right from the start because, of course you want Dallas and Jane to be together romantically, but there's also a completely suspenseful story in the midst of all the love.

I will tell you, Dirtiest Secret ends in a bit of a cliffy. So I am absolutely chomping at the bit for July 12 when Hottest Mess is released. I'm so hoping for a HEA for Dallas and Jane.

Five sexy lip smacks for Dallas Sykes and J. Kenner's Dirtiest Secret.


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