I loved Graham J. Morgan. Mr. Big Prick. Stuck-up Suit. Celibate in Manhattan. Fifty Shades of Morgan. I loved them all. I loved that he appreciated all of my idiosyncrasies. I loved that he protected me. I loved that he made me feel for the first time in my life like I was the most important person to someone - to him. The thing was, depending on these results, I would no longer be the most important thing.

You see him on your morning train. He's never been there before. He's beyond gorgeous. Thick, perfectly styled dark hair. Fitted suit on a body that could belong to Adonis. Then he opens his mouth, and all you can think of is, what a prick this guy is. And that's just a shame, because he is absolutely delicious.

Then guess what? The stuck up suit leaves the train in a huff and you find his phone left on the train. You tell yourself you'll give back the phone, but you decide to have a little fun first. So you send a few text messages, make some phone calls and find out Graham J. Morgan is exactly what you thought he was...a stuck up suit!

Of course you do the honorable thing and hand deliver the phone to Mr. Stuck-up Suits's office, where it seems everyone is absolutely terrified of him. When he finally emerges from his office, he is as beautiful as you remember and completely obnoxious. So you give him a piece of your mind and leave the phone with his receptionist. But, you don't only give him a piece of your mind, you fire off some naughty pictures and make a comment about his mom.

Yup, that's exactly how Soraya Venedetta starts her relationship with the infamous Graham Morgan. A relationship Soraya doesn't ever believe will happen because she is so not Graham's type. Obviously she's sassy and I adore that about her. She's also tattooed and tends to get something pierced when she's upset. Not to mention her hair which is black except for the tips that she dyes to match her mood.

Graham is A. upset because Soraya's comment about his mom is on point and B. very intrigued by this woman with the amazing cleavage and the feather tattoo on her foot.

The two begin texting back and forth. Their conversations are suggestive and hilarious. Somehow, the stuck up suit gets Soraya to agree to go out with him. Their date is as interesting as their conversations. And from the start Graham Morgan aka Mr. Stuck-up Suit, decides he wants lots of dates with Soraya.

Soraya and Graham have sizzling chemistry from the start. And yes they get hotter and hotter as the story evolves. Mylanta...I needed a cold shower and I created some of my own scenes with Graham.

It's not all perfect. You learn why Graham has turned into well, a prick. Hey even his grandma calls him that so it's ok. Soraya has also not had the perfect life and you learn about her issues. Penelope and Vi have really developed these two characters into people you genuinely care about. I know I fell for Graham super fast.

Into every relationship some rain must fall and the authors drop a hurricane on Graham and Soraya. Will they get through it? Will Soraya run like she always does? Will Graham go back to being his horrible stuck up self? If you haven't gotten your hands on Stuck-up Suit, you really need to. It's laugh out loud funny, with just enough worry to make it interesting.

Stuck-up Suit and Graham Morgan have fast become one of my favorites. It's an excellent read, that will be in my re-read pile. I loved the humor, I loved the sexiness and I loved, loved, loved the chemistry of Graham and Soraya.

Five huge lip smacks to Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland, a writing team that is one of my favorites!! Next book please!!


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