Oh Kelly Elliot, only you could tie three separate series together in a conclusion that made me laugh, cry and have well, every possible feeling that I could. Yes, Kelly Elliott has concluded her Wanted, Broken and Love Wanted in Texas Series, by bringing Jase Morris and Taylor Atwood together in Loving You.

I truly love each of these series and while I am extremely sad they are ending, Kelly has done an amazing job crossing characters between the series and giving everyone an ending that each family deserves. I really love when authors cross characters over between books and series and Kelly does this seamlessly between three series.

Loving You is Jase and Taylor's story. They've known each other for a while and Taylor has never hidden her interest in Jase, Jase fears he's not the right man for Taylor. After college Jase is going back to work on his family's ranch in Llano, quite unlike Taylor who's moving to Austin to take a job as a financial analyst at her grandpa's company. So of course Jase thinks Taylor would never settle for living the life of a rancher.

Here's the thing. While they were together in Paris (a college thing with other classmates). They finally gave in to their feelings for each other and had an amazing night together. Ugh, then Jase being a boy goes and over thinks things and the two go their separate ways.

I honestly could not put this book down. Which is basically how is goes for me with every Kelly Elliot book that I have ever read. She draws you in with her stories and I swear I wish I could be friends with the characters she creates, because she just does an incredible job. Jase is a total hottie. Dark hair, dark eyes and the way Taylor describes his body...oh my glitter where do I get me one of those? I love it when he calls Taylor sweetness and I love that their love is so real. Taylor herself is a very cool chick. But then all of the Love Wanted in Texas series kids are awesome. 

The friendships of the characters between the three series are one of the reasons Kelly Elliot continued to draw me in. Usually, I lose interest around the third or fourth book of a series. Kelly Elliot kept me coming back for EVERY book in three different series. I don't know how the woman works her magic, all I know is I will read absolutely everything she writes.

Ok, so back to Loving You, whether you call it fate or destiny, Jase and Taylor find their way back to each other. Things move pretty quickly between them, probably because they've loved each other for a long time. Have I mentioned how very sexy they are together? If I haven't, I'll let you know now. Jase and Taylor are sizzling between the sheets and well, really, any place you can imagine, they are hot, hot, hot!

As much as I'd like to tell you they lived happily ever after, you know there has to be a bump in the road. My heart hurt for both Jase and Taylor, wondering if they were going to find their way back to each other. So yes, I cried a few tears and hoped for the best. Now you know I'm not sharing the outcome with you because I want you to one click Loving You.

I've said already that I love cross overs and obviously to tie up three series, Kelly needed to bring everyone into the fold. I'm happy to say you'll get updates on everyone and so many good things happen that you'll forget to be sad because well, this really is it for all of these beloved characters.

I can't say enough good things about Loving You and Kelly Elliot. The story is terrific. Jase and Taylor are amazing. And I would say it is an absolutely fitting ending to a series that I have loved since I picked Gunner Mathews to be my first number one book boyfriend the year I started this blog. 

Speaking of Gunner, his bonus epilogue brought me to tears (ok, so did Layton's), but you know the way I feel about Gunner. It was completely fitting for Gunner and Ellie to finish the series since it started with them way back in Wanted. And yes after all this time Gunner still has the power to make me swoon.

A five lip smack review for Loving You and a five lip smack review for an absolutely beautiful series that I know I will go back and read again, and again. Thank you Kelly Elliot for making me fall in love so very many times.


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