What do you do when you're a huge rockstar who's become a social media pariah because you've publicly humiliated your media darling girlfriend? Well, if you're Ash Black of the mega popular group The Blacklist, your PR team does some huge damage control. And that damage control comes in the form of a beautiful Russian children's librarian.

After said break up from Mandy Monroe, Ash is in New York City trying to keep a low profile. But, hey your Ash Black and low profile just doesn't really work out. So when Ash finds himself running from an angry mob, he pops into the nearest place he can find. That place happens to be behind the desk of one Anika Ivanov, the sexiest librarian Ash has ever laid his eyes on.

From this meeting a plan is born. Ash's PR people are spinning their wheels and come up with a plan to get Ash back in America's good graces. Date said librarian, "fall in love" with the librarian, get engaged at a New Year's Eve concert and then have the librarian dump your sorry self a week later. Sounds like a plan right? To get Anika to agree to this plan, Ash has to promise to fund the library she works in for like the next twenty years. The library is on the short list to close and Ash's gift will insure that it stays open.

Why would Ash agree to that? He's totally gorgeous. Dark hair and eyes. An insanely toned body, covered with some nice ink. He could get any girl he wants to go along with this plan. Ana intrigues him. The two have a very physical attraction from the second they meet.

This very business like transaction involves lawyers, NDAs, Ana getting completely made over and a whirlwind of activities for Ash and Ana to be seen together "falling in love" for an entire month.

Their first PR engagement, Ash's family's annual Christmas party. Did I mention not only is he Ash Black of The Blacklist? He's also Asher Kavanaugh, son of Richard Kavanaugh, billionaire real estate mogul and investor. Needless to say while he was alive Ash was a complete disappointment to him. He was basically raised by his grandma and then shipped off to boarding school, which he got kicked out of.

I should also probably mention that part of Ash and Ana's contract stipulates there is to be no sexual contact. That stipulation goes out the window pretty quickly. In a steamy encounter in a secret hallway during the Christmas party, Ash lets Ana know just how attracted to her he is and it definitely got warm in the room as I was reading.

Ash and Ana are very sexual and sensual. He wakes up feelings in Ana that she would have never let out and Ash is amazing in the take charge capacity. 

During their month together you can see Ash and Ana developing real feelings for each other. At different points in time they both have thoughts of the L word in their heads and it scares them. 

Every part of the plan seems to be working our beautifully. Lola, Ash's PR guru is ecstatic at the way things are going. Ash's reputation is getting back to normal and soon the timid librarian will be just a memory. 

It's the night of The Blacklist's New Year's Eve concert. A huge moment for our latest it couple, who are catching stronger and stronger feelings for each other. During the concert Ash proposes and Ana accepts. Then at the after party they kind of go their separate ways. Ash is being Ash and Ana is drinking shots because she knows this thing is almost over. Only the feelings she has for Ash aren't going anywhere.

By the time Ash finds Ana at the party, she's being carried off by Ash's best mate Conor because "somehow" Ana is passed out drunk. Ash who is also having feelings about not wanting this to end has a plan. He's going to "kidnap" his fianc√©e and take her to his out in the wilderness cabin where he knows they'll be snow in due to an impending blizzard.

Two more bits of information. Ash's friend Conor is a complete tool. And the experiences Ash gives Ana at his cabin are out of this world sensual. Like take me Ash I'm yours sensual. Let's just say Ash Black is extremely good at EVERYTHING he does.

Does Ash get the girl? Can Ana live the rockstar life style? Can these two make an actual go of a relationship?

Of course I'm leaving out a ton of stuff because you really should one click these three books and read them yourself. They're sexy, they're sweet, they're funny and they'll give you your next book boyfriend. Wait, I want Ash to myself!

A solid four lip smack review for Callie Harper's Undone. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know Ash's brother Heath in his upcoming book Untamed.


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