I want to start this review by saying that I believe that Save Me is Heidi McLaughlin’s best book to date.  Save Me is well written, thoughtful and an absolutely wonderful read that I loved from page one until the very end!

Save Me is book 3 in The Archer Brothers series, but it can also be read as a stand-alone.  The author added a preface before the prologue giving you some background details as well as lots of information throughout the book, making it easy not to feel as though you are missing something.  

With that being said I highly recommend you read books 1 and 2; Here With Me and Choose Me for a lot of reasons. Both of these books are very well written excellent stories that will have you on the edge of your seat and you really need to meet the beauty of Evan Archer!! 

Save Me does focus on all four SEALs but the center of this story is Tucker McCoy. Tucker is a Navy SEAL who was declared dead 6 years ago.  Much to his surprise and the 3 other men on his team he comes home to find out he is dead and his wife and daughter have vanished.  Tucker and his team search for answers as to what and why this all happened to them they also search for Penny and Claire McCoy.  But Penny is hiding and nobody knows why. 

The story begins to unfold from there and boy, was there an insanely devilish and detailed story.  I could not put my kindle down, I was completely captivated!  People who I thought were bad weren’t and people who appear good might not be. I really loved how the team along with some help worked together and Heidi really showed that they were truly brothers.

Tucker McCoy is the perfect hero. He is so strong and protective as well as kind and loving. His love for his wife was so deep and unwavering even in the worst of circumstances. I loved being inside his head because to me he really is such a complex man.  One who could be so gentle, understanding and loving one minute and a man who dreams of ways to torture and kill the next. I could not blame him either; hell I wanted to torture and maim some people myself.  My heart really bled for Tucker because things were just never easy, but my Tucker had patience and determination and shouldn’t a man as admirable as him get his happy ever after?

This book had me on so many emotional ups and downs.  I cried more than once, but there was a scene in a motel that had me weeping, I was completely done for.  There is nothing better than book that makes you feel, that makes you lose yourself in its pages and characters.  No matter if you feel happy, sad, mad amused or in love, it evokes such strong feelings. This book did just that for me. Heidi McLaughlin has really created some magic in these pages and I give her and Save Me 5 hero worthy lip smacks!!


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