My man can be a delicate flower. It's a sexy contradiction to the badass hockey player I get to watch on the ice. 

I feel compelled to mention that Alex Waters was one of my top book boyfriends of 2015 and after reading Helena Hunting's Forever Pucked he will probably remain indefinitely on that list because Alex Waters comes pretty damn close to complete perfection. 

I'm referring to the entire package of gorgeous, sexy, NHL-playing, sometimes insecure, sensitive, alpha, polite and thoughtful man.

That being said, I'm clearly going to make some statements that will have to be cleaned up before I try to post this review to Amazon, because truth, I fucking love this entire series and the latest chapter of Pucked gang might be my favorite to date. 

If you haven't gotten around to reading the Pucked series yet; A) Are you new on this planet? and B) What are you waiting for? I admit, it took me a minute of my friend telling me I HAD to read Pucked before I actually picked it up, but you know how all of our TBRs are out of control, right? Anyway, after I read the first one, I couldn't get through the rest of the stories fast enough. They are just that good.

Helena Hunting creates characters that are absolutely laugh out loud funny. I adore Violet Hall and all of her talk of Super MC and beavers. Violet has no filter and tells it like it is. She is also neurotic and has some unusual hang ups, but she has become one of my favorite female characters of all time. 

Of course Forever Pucked is about the upcoming nuptials of the perfect Alex and the hilarious Violet. You may remember, Violet has the ring and is completely in love with Alex. She's just not ready to commit to a date for an actual wedding. That is of course up until Alex has a horrible accident during a game and Violet realizes she never wants to be without Alex. 

I'm already yours, Alex. I've been yours since the moment you slammed into the plexiglas and made me spill  beer on my boobs." 

After some intense worrying about Alex while he's in the hospital and finally at home recovering the usual hilarity of the Pucked series continues. Miller and Sunny, Balls and Lily, Charlene and Dean, Lance and yes even both sets of parents get in on all of the silly sexual innuendo that goes on throughout the story.

Looking back on the sexy times in Forever Pucked makes me just love Alex and Violet even more. They obviously had a clear sexual attraction from the start of their relationship and their attraction is just as strong if not stronger now. Of course sex is a little less acrobatic at the beginning stage of Alex's recovery, but don't worry, by the end Violet's beaver is definitely getting her proper Super MC loving and let me tell you it is hot, hot, hot!!

Helena Hunting is just one of those writers who can pull you into her story and make you think you're reading about actual people you want to be friends with. She can make you laugh out loud and yet also has the ability to bring a tear to your eye. Yes, I did shed a few during Forever Pucked, but the entire read was well worth a few tears.

"I will always love you, Violet. I won't ever be perfect, and I'll make mistakes. and I'll definitely say things that will make you angry, but I promise to tell you everyday, not just with words, but with actions, that you are the center of my universe. You're the sun in my sky and the breath in my lungs. I promise to be yours for every second of this existence, and to cherish every moment of that love with you."

Um, can you say swoon? Because Alex Waters had me swooning through this entire book. It's not easy to break into my all time favorite book boyfriends. The list has been probably the same top five for years now. Well add Alex to the list because damn, the man is absolutely perfect. 

With that being said, Forever Pucked gets a five lip smack review from this girl. I also have to say, I think everyone would LOVE to hear Dean and Charlene's actual story and can Lance PLEASE find love???

I will leave you with this.......Area 51.....that is all!!!


  1. Hahaha. Area 51 for the win <3 Thank you so much!

    1. Shhhhhhh... don't tell anyone. I'd totally let Alex into my Area 51. ;)


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