When I sat down at my computer tonight, I couldn't believe that it's March 14 and I still haven't done the 2015 edition of MY best book boy friends. Clearly I need to get on this! I've already started 2016's list in my brain!!

Sooooo, this is my third annual Best Book Boyfriends year end review. I fell in love so many times this past year it's ridiculous. How do I decide who makes it on my list? If months after I've finished a book, I can still remember details about a book boyfriend in my head and I'm still swooning...he's absolutely going to make the cut. 

Apparently for me this was the year of the Liams, since three separate Liams appear on this years list! This year there's a brother team and yes even though we're three months into 2016, there are still 2015 book boyfriends I'm swooning for!!

15. Logan Kade and Mason Kade The Fallen Crest Series by Tijan 

I know, I know, there's two of them. But seriously, how can I pick one Kade brother? They're both unbelievably gorgeous, with those perfect football player bodies. 

First, I was all about Mason. Dark hair, green eyes and I do love the strong silent type. Then there's the way he loves Sam. I get goose bumps thinking about how protective he is when it comes to the girl he loves. 

Then there's Logan and he's not only just as gorgeous as his brother, but he's really fun loving and charming. Clearly the boys know how to work it out in the bedroom or they wouldn't have girls lined up to get with them. I do love me some bad boys and Mason and Logan Kade are bad in the best possible way. 

And yes a year after reading the Fallen Crest series I am still swooning over these two brothers so they get to start off this years list.

14. Liam Knight Burn (Brothers of Ink and Steel) by Allie Juliette Mousseau 

The first of my Liam boyfriends is a drop dead gorgeous, dark haired, dark blue eyed MMA fighter. 

Guess what? Liam Knight is a bad boy. Come on, did you think I was going to stray from the sexy, brooding men I always go for? As much of a bad boy as Liam is, he is a perfect book boyfriend. He gives his heart to Quinn when they are just teenagers and their love is all consuming and beautiful. 

Even though he was dealt a really shitty hand in life, he didn't let that turn him bitter. He truly is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. 

He's loyal to his brothers and the love he has for Quinn is unwavering. And he's been in my brain since last May so you know he's got to be special.

13. Mathias Wade Never Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer

Mathias Wade as a book boyfriend? Oh hells yea! He's incredibly good looking. Stormy gray eyes, dark hair and a very toned body with some nice ink on it. Remy says Mathias is brooding and arrogant and he absolutely is. He's a complete bad boy through and through. Only sometimes you get a glimpse of this sweet, protective, charming man and you can't help but love him. 

How could I forget the hottest part about Mathias? In bed, the man is a god. Whether he's telling Remy the sweetest things or the naughtiest, he is always uber passionate and well damn, who doesn't want that?

But Mathias is one of my favorite kinds of book boyfriends. He's been in love with the same girl for his whole life. And yes, he makes some mistakes and does some stupid things, but when he tells Remy, she's all he ever wanted, I knew he was a keeper. Did I mention he's in a band? I mean come on, he's seriously perfect book boyfriend material. 

12. Nathan Garrison Just Say When by Kaylee Ryan 

Have you looked at the cover of this book? Do I have to do any more convincing? 

Nathan Garrison is damn near perfection. He knows how to make a girl swoon just with his words and he is without a doubt a very good boy. 

When your friends refer to the boy you love as a "sexy beast" you know you're on the right track. 

Nathan is fabulously all alpha male when it comes to Ava. Even though he won't make a move on her since she's his best friend's little sister. But chemistry and jealousy have a funny way of changing the way we look at things. 

So the very first kiss Nate and Ava share set me a little on fire myself. Did I mention our "sexy beast" is a god in the bedroom. He is very attentive to his girl's needs and very alpha about the fact he will be Ava's first and if he has his way, her only. Damn I feel like I should be screaming out Nathan's name. So one of my good boys this year is the very swoon worthy Nathan Garrison.

11. Flynn Beckham Beat by Vi Keeland 

I literally fell in love with Flynn Beckham the minute I saw this cover. The eyes, the stubble, the lips, the freakin sexy AF rocker jewelry, come on, how could I not?

Then I read the book and holy mother of pearl, his shaggy, sandy hair and blue eyes, the crooked grin and boyish charm, I was a goner. Have I mentioned his tight body and all his ink? Yea perfection. 

I was totally psyched when Flynn got his own book since he didn't get the girl in Throb. He meets Lucky Valentine and even though he's totally into her from the start, he won't go after her because she's taken. 

I love a guy that's a good kisser and the first kiss Flynn and Lucky share is damn hot. And you know if he's a good kisser, he's definitely good at all the other stuff. Ahhhhhh...I can't....remembering Flynn and Lucky together....soooooo sexy.

It's just not the way he looks and how sexy he is. Flynn is truly sweet and charming and Lucky is just that. One tremendously lucky girl.

10. Liam Beckett Bleeding Love by Harper Sloan

Now I know he's not really Liam Beckett, but seriously, BT Urruela is completely perfect as far as I'm concerned and any book cover he's on is just a bonus. 

But let's talk about the second Liam on my list. The second generation of Harper Sloan's Corps Security men as just as swoon worthy as their daddies.

Everything about Liam Beckett is swoon worthy. From his dark brown hair and eyes to that stubble on his square jaw. And don't let me get started on that body. Wait, did I leave out the knee melting smile and the dimple. Because truth, Liam would've melted more than my knees with that smile. Ok, let's be real the whole time I was reading all I pictured was cover model BT Urruela. Ladies, how could you not?

I know, I know it's not always about looks Riley and Liam Beckett proves that when he decides he wants to make Megan his. He's been ready to be all in with Megan from the first time he met her. But she's not quite ready for that. Slowly but surely Liam's persistence pays off. Thank goodness because everyone knew they belonged together except Megan 

9. Cohen Cage Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan 

Yes, another of Harper Sloan's alpha males makes an appearance on my list this year. Sweet baby Jesus, Cohen Cage had me hot and bothered for all of Unexpected Fate. 

Cohen is jaw droppingly gorgeous and all alpha male. 

Cohen is a badass. He's five years older than Dani and has always felt a connection to her. But out of respect to Axel (Dani's dad in case you don't know) he does his best to stay away from her. But when he can't stay away anymore he goes to Axel and tells him, even I don't think I'm worthy of your daughter, but I love her and I'm going to spend my life making sure she knows that. Good Lord, I just melted into a pile of goo right here in front of my computer.

So, gorgeous, check. Badass, check. Sexy beyond reason, check. I said it when I reviewed Unexpected Fate. Cohen Cage is perfection. I know it and Dani knows it. Hell he owns both of our hearts!

8. Perkins Vale The Quest of Perkins Vale by L.B. Dunbar 

I had a thing for Perkins Vale from the end of The Legend of Arturo King. When he went after the girl on his motorcycle in the end of the book, he solidified a place in my heart. 

Generally, I never thought I would be ridiculously attracted to a twenty five year old virgin, but um, yea, I am. 

Perkins found and lost the love of his life as a teenager and when he sees her again, makes it his quest to make her his. 

His love for Hollister is so pure and yet when they're together Perkins is deliciously naughty. For someone so inexperienced, he absolutely knows how to work a woman's body.

All I wanted to do was stare into those chocolate brown eyes and run my fingers through his short dark hair. Reading about his body wrapped protectively around Hollister made me melt into a puddle. 

7. River "Captain" Kipling

I don't really think it's possible for me to have a year end best book boyfriends without Abbi Glines. She literally gave me one of my all time favorite book boyfriends in Rush Finlay and now in 2015 we can add River Kipling to my ever growing list.

River, or Captain as he is now known is an absolute bad boy. He's a player. He never lets anyone get to close. He never even stays in one place for very long. Of course his half sister Blaire wants that to change, but honestly, Captain lives a life that eats away at his soul.

Yes, sometimes I like them a little damaged. For ten long years he thought he lost the only girl he ever loved. He becomes a completely changed person. When Addy finds him again she doesn't know if he'll ever be the boy she loved again.

Don't worry Addy because as a book boyfriend, Clearly, Captain made it to my top ten of the year for a reason. Captain is so sexy and I think even a drop more alpha than Rush Finlay if that's even possible. 

Physically he's a beautiful man and with green eyes and sandy color hair, I was a goner. I don't even think sexy is a good enough word for him because when he gets with Addy after ten years, it is ridiculously hot. He is everything wrapped up in one hot steamy package.

6. Alex Waters Pucked by Helena Hunting

So of course Pucked was one of my favorite reads of the year and hotter than hot Alex Waters was destined to make an appearance on this list. 

He's physical perfection, he adores Violet, he's not really about puck bunnies and please let's not forget his super MC because that thing starred in many Pucked fantasies for me. Specifically the locker room. Idk maybe getting caught is exciting.

Alex is one of the non bad boys on my list because let's face it, even with that one screw up (and it's a pretty big one), he does manage to make it all better.

I loved that he wasn't slutty like Buck or really any of his other teammates. Alex was definitely a sweetheart. A sweetheart with a monster cock who knows how to use it!

But seriously, I love how protective he is. Not only of Violet, but of his little sister Sunny too. And I'm pretty sure he's the first ever hockey player on my list!

Cannot wait for Alex and Violet in Forever Pucked. I definitely need me some more Alex Waters!

5. Deacon Love Love Hurts and Love Burns by Mandi Beck

I have literally been in love with Deacon Love for an entire year. The second I read Love Hurts I knew he would be one of my top book boyfriends of all time and I was right. He just got even better in Love Burns.

If ever in my life I could have someone love me, I would wish for the kind of love that Deacon Love has for Frankie DeRosa. Deacon has an all consuming love for Frankie and even though he does some totally stupid guy type things, I would grab him and hold on for dear life. Sweet Jesus, I want to know what it feels like to be his.

Everything about Deacon Love is sexy. His body which is the body of a god, according to Frankie. That V cut...All I wanted was to be able to lick it. His dark hair that he wears long and puts in a man bun when he fights and oh Lord those hazel eyes framed with thick dark lashes.  You get the picture. He's panty dropping perfection.

I will tell you in the bedroom, hell any room they're in their sex is boiling hot. Deacon is a dirty talker and Frankie loves it. Everything about Deacon oozes sex appeal and what makes it even better is Frankie is the love of Deacon's life.

I don't even care when Deacon gets all caveman alpha. I friggin love him. He is beyond sexy in Love Burn and every time he and Frankie are together it is off the chain hot and sexy. Deacon Love is raw and real and I'll say it again. He is alpha male perfection at its best.

4. Til Page Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

There are not enough words to describe how much I love Til Page. I adore him so much that when I started thinking about this list in December, I had to go back and do a reread of Fighting Silence because I got that feeling in my chest when I thought about him.

Not gonna lie. I was a little mad at him when he left Eliza. Even when they were younger and he had other girlfriends, he knew he belonged with Eliza. He was just so afraid. 

Til could have been a whole other type of person, because he had an incredibly hard life growing up. Useless parents, no money and the responsibility to take care of his younger brothers fell on him. But he did it. He worked really hard, took care of his brothers and got Eliza back in the end. 

Til Page is just so sexy. He's a boxer so his body is perfect. Even in his teenage years he turned girls heads. What I loved. He was never a super man whore and given all the crap he had to deal with he was an amazing person. 

Something about him stayed in my heart from the first time I read Fighting Silence.  

3. Liam Taylor Trusting Liam by Molly McAdams

"No one was ever worth the chase. But you? You will be worth it every time. I will always chase you, Kennedy."

I've said this a million times and I apologize if you've heard it already. I have a complete obsession with Chase Grayson. So of course reading about his son, the third Liam on my list gave me ridiculous feels for father and son (which sounds creepy on so many levels, but Idc).

So needless to say reading about the look alike son of one of my first book boyfriends basically insured him a spot on my list this year. Not only did father and son look alike, but their take on relationships is eerily similar. Only I think Liam may not have been as slutty as Chase.

Another similarity about father and son, when they find the right girl it's on. They love like crazy and basically that's it for them. Gah, I'm tearing up now just thinking about both of them. Liam is just as romantic as his dad and yes I swooned over both of them again in Trusting Liam.

I'm glad Liam got his happily ever after. 

2. Lucas Ryder Complicate Me by M. Robinson

I promise you, I don't cry a lot, but I cried for at least 75% of this book. I fell in love with Lucas Ryder and no joke I was sneak reading on my iPhone during Christmas dinner.

 "Since I was a kid you've been the first and last thing I have thought about every day of my life. I know everything about you, your, eyes, your smile, your laugh, your sassy spitfire personality, taking no shit from anyone, including me. I lie awake every night missing you, there's this huge hole in my heart where you used to be, and I don't care because it reminds me of you. It doesn't matter where I go, where I'm at, or whom I'm with, you're with me. I love ever single thing about you. I love you because I need you. I love you because there is no me without you. I love you because I can't stop loving you, and I would be lying if I said I had tried." 

Mind you I spent an awful lot of this book being mad at Lucas. But when it came right down to it, he's one of my top book boyfriends because he was so in love with Alex I had to forgive him for his stupid boy mistakes.

The way he loved Alex was the biggest part that made me fall in love with Lucas, but physically he was amazing looking and he was damn sexy. Which is why he made so many dumb boy mistakes with other girls.

I honestly believe if left to their own devices Alex and Lucas would have been together much sooner and had much less heartbreak. But where would the fun be in that?

1. Benjamin Fucking Kelly Where I Belong & Where we Belong by J. Daniels

Yes! I would commit felonies and shit just to be arrested by Ben Kelly! I thought I loved Luke Evans and then I read Where I Belong. Sweet Jesus, Ben Kelly is the sexiest police officer I have ever seen. The hot body, the tattoos, the dark hair and those eyes. Mia Corelli is one lucky girl.

She thought he was going to be a one night stand. He turned into her forever. Here's the funny part. They hated each other growing up. He was always mean to Mia. Now he's crazy about her. He can't get her out of his head.

Ben might have been the world's biggest dickhead years ago, but damn did he grow up nicely. He's a devoted dad to his son Nolan and he has that whole alpha male possessive thing going on with Mia. He's so sexy that I finished Where I Belong at the pool in Vegas this past summer at Love N Vegas. Where I met J. Daniels. Where I fangirled over Luke Evans and wound up falling madly in love with Benjamin Kelly.

Ben Kelly is the total package and he sits at the top of the best book boyfriend list this year! 

Um, did I mention the nine inches that's part of that package??  And yes ladies he knows how to use it. OMG, sexy, sexy, sexy!!

So that's it! If you haven't met some of these book boyfriends yet, go and one click there books. You'll find the reviews of these and more books on this Best Book Boyfriends page.

I must say I realized as I go to the end of my list, I forgot someone I wanted to put on this years list. No worries. I'll just reread and get him next year. 

Who are your favorites? Who did I miss? Is there someone new I should absolutely read about? Leave a comment and let me know!!

Happy reading!!


  1. Thanks so much for including Alex! <3 This is an amazing list!

    1. Thank you!! I love, love, love Alex!!

  2. Love your blog about the hot boyfriends. I'm in the same page as you are.

    1. I do love my hot book boyfriends! A new one to fall in love with each new book!!


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