Molly McAdams, quite possibly gave me the ugliest book cry in my life. She gave me a top book boyfriend that I still obsess over, three years after I read his book. She has blown me away with every book I've read and To The Stars is no different.

Harlow Evans met Knox Alexander when she was fifteen years old. It was absolutely one of those love at first sight things. There was only one problem. Know was two weeks away from being eighteen and you know what that means. 

Fearing what could happens if he enters a physical relationship with Harlow, he promises he'll wait for her to turn eighteen so they can be together. So for years the two have a relationship that never becomes intimate. I shouldn't say that. It is intimate, just not physical. Even though they clearly love each other, Knox is willing to wait. A fact he makes very clear to Harlow. A fact she never truly believes and tells him he's wasting his time waiting.

Of course she thinks that. Everyone keeps telling them they can't be together. Knox has two friends I wanted to knock out because they were so mean about Harlow. Top it off with Knox going off to college and well, you know how it goes. 

At least you think you do, because guess what? Knox is there on Harlow's eighteenth birthday. Yup. He waited for her. But, Harlow didn't wait for him. I'm tearing up now, because I'm rereading that part and oh mylanta, my heart just aches for Knox. 

Harlow meets someone else while she's at college and he becomes her first. Then she goes and marries him. Collin looks amazing on paper. Then you meet him in person and you get to see the monster he truly is. The second he knows Harlow is his, Collin becomes this horribly depraved abusive animal. I will warn you, some of the things that happen to Harlow are painful to read about. Collin is not only abusive to Harlow, but threatens her family if she tries to leave him. 

In the midst of her abusive marriage, Harlow and Knox run into each other and he knows something is wrong. She's not his Harlow anymore. Of course he wants to help, but Harlow is afraid. She's afraid for herself and she's afraid of Collin finding out and going after Knox. 

I wanted so much not to like Harlow. I was so mad at her for what she did to Knox. But, I have to admit, I got it. She couldn't believe someone as perfect as Knox would wait for her. When you're young and people tell you, you don't know what love is and you're inclined to believe them. Then you sense the regret she feels for everything that happened and you forgive her.

Knox on the other hand is book boyfriend perfection. According to Harlow he was created by the gods for girls to drool over. Dark hair, dark eyes, crooked smile, lean muscular body. How could you not fall in love. But the best part of him was his love for Harlow. He truly never gave up on her and that comes through loud and clear. He is an absolutely amazing person and is already a top book boyfriend for me. I mean how many boys tell you the moon isn't far enough to show their love. Knox wanted to love Harlow to the stars because they're farther away. *******super swoon*****

Knox and Harlow's story is told from the past and from the present. Both parts will give you that squeezing feeling in your heart. And yes in true Molly McAdams fashion I cried like a baby. 

Even with the sensitive nature of the book and the tears I have to give To The Stars a solid five lip smack review. Come on....I love Molly McAdams and when I want to finish a book in one sitting with my schedule, you know it's a goodie.

Yes Knox Alexander, I do love you to the stars.....


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