I completely adore a good love at first sight story. I love it even more when the two people who are so right for each other are convinced a relationship is a bad idea and do their best to fight it. This is exactly how Jackson's Trust begins.

Jackson Gray is a brilliant football analyst. He's amazing at the job he does and well to be honest he's absolutely perfect. He goes out of his way to make other people feel good about themselves and he genuinely always has people's best interests at heart. 

Did I mention he's drop dead gorgeous? Light brown hair that has that mussed up look about it. Hazel eyes and thick lashes that have no business looking so sexy behind wireless frames and a body that looks like he could be a professional athlete. Jackson is the total package, except for one thing. He doesn't believe he can offer a woman anything but sex. He doesn't dare to wish for a happily ever after. He doesn't believe it's in the cards for him. 

Leila Hart is the new sideline reporter that Jackson is supposed to be training. The thing is, she probably knows as much about football as Jackson does. She is also brilliant and analytical, in addition to the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous. 

Their attraction is instant. Jackson can't believe he found this gorgeous woman who loves football as much as he does. Leila makes him start wishing for things he doesn't believe he can have. Unfortunately,  they decide the best thing for them is to just be friends. They have to preserve appearances and they have to work together. Of course they make a great team and Leila's career really takes off.  Here's what's great about Jackson and Leila, they genuinely like each other. They truly become "good friends" all the while fighting the attraction they have to each other, until they can't anymore. One steamy kiss later and you know things are going to change.

But it's never that easy. Both Leila and Jackson have secrets. Secrets they're not ready to share with each other. Get it? Jackson's Trust? Yea it took a minute for me to figure it out. Interestingly Jackson and Leila believe in the best in each other, but not in themselves. 

Just when I thought I had what was going on in this story down, holy plot twist. Props to Violet Duke, because she sent this story spinning in a direction I didn't see coming and I LOVED IT!! It was different and original and totally unexpected.

But back to Jackson and Leila. I don't want to call them adorable because they're grown ups, but they absolutely are. Their banter made me smile and of course everyone around them sees how good they are for each other. But there's those pesky secrets and that trust issue that keeps coming up between them. Fortunately, it doesn't stop them from falling for each other and when Jackson finally decides he can give Violet more than just out! They've been building up to this for months and in the bedroom they are smoking hot.

If Leila and Jackson have any downfalls at all it's their families. Leila's family are legitimately a gang of pretentious snobs and Jackson's brother is a vile animal. That's ok though because Jackson and Leila are so great. I also happened to love Jackson's best friends and hope we'll be seeing more of them in the future.

Jackson's Trust is a fantastic story. When you think you have it all figured out and you know where it's going, the story goes completely in another direction. One of my favorite parts is at the end when Jackson makes four phone calls from his car on his way to see Leila. What he does on said phone calls made me fall in love with him a little more.

Did I not tell you enough? Hello, I did it on purpose. Go one click Jackson's Trust like now. You're going to love it!

Jackson Gray is super swoon worthy and if you're a football fan, or a fan of love at first sight, this book is an absolute must read! 

A five lip smack review from little ole me for Jackson's Trust. This is one I will definitely be reading more than once. It's just that good.


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