So first of all, let me share I am ridiculously in love with Abel Callahan. How could I not be? He's incredibly gorgeous. Dark hair that falls into his deep blue eyes, tall, muscular and those tatts he tries to keep hidden. Then seeing them peeking out of fitted t-shirts sleeves......just damn.

I've also come to realize something about author L.B. Dunbar. She likes to take historical stories and turn theme into her own. She did it with King Arthur, turning him into Arturo King and now with the biblical story of Cain and Abel. I should also add, she does it well. I have throughly enjoyed her take on these epic tales.

Remember? In the biblical story, Abel was the lesser of the sons. L.B. Dunbar repeats that pattern in Paradise Fought. This Abel has always known his place in his family and by becoming fighter Betta, tries to break out of the mold that his father has cast him in.

Fighting isn't only what Paradise Fought is about. There's a girl that Abel has been enamored with since the first time he met her. The girl is Elma Montgomery. She and Abel go to the same college, which is where they run into for a second time as Elma is trying to register for classes. Unfortunately, Elma has run out of money and for the second time in her life, even though she doesn't remember him at all from their first encounter, Abel comes to her rescue. All he asks in return is for Elma to teach him how to date. Weird right?

Elma is the sister of another fighter who died during a fight. A death which Elma refuses to believe was an accident. A death which she plans on getting revenge for.

Let's get back to Abel, when we meet him he's definitely got that preppy college thing going on and it absolutely works for him. The khakis, the button down, the glasses, all on point. Elma can tell he's attractive and that he's got a great body under all those clothes. She also can't figure out why he needs her help with dating.

You've obviously figured out that Abel is also Betta. He's the son that wasn't supposed to fight. He was the weaker son. But he fights and he's good. Good enough to win and begin to make a name for himself.

Abel clearly wants more than pretend dates with Elma, but she's hard to get a read on. They do share some steamy moments when you know they can absolutely be more than friends, but like in any good story, there are obstacles for the both of them.

Both of their families are a mess and that influences the choices that they make. Abel's father is a horrible, horrible man and his relationship with his brother Cain is strained at best.

Then there's Elma's plan to avenge her brother's death. How does Abel fit into all of this and how will it play out in the end?

Now you know I can't tell you, that just wouldn't be right. But if you go and one click, you can not only get the whole story, but, enjoy the deliciousness that is Abel Callahan. Did I mention sexy? Because oh man is he good in that department.

Anyway I'm going to continue my swoon for Abel a little bit more and then I'm going to read about big brother Cain and see if he measures up to his little brother. Oh, didn't I mention? Cain's got his own novella!

A four lip smack review for Paradise Fought and the completely swoon worthy Abel Callahan.


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