Let me state for the record, I automatically fall for almost every book boyfriend with dark hair and green eyes. It's my thing. It always has been and I'm sure it always will be. So yes, I was attracted from the start of Stay With Me's Athanasios "Thano" Drivas. He's not only gorgeous, he rocks the body of a Greek god. He's successful and sweet and for some strange reason he's single. Did I mention the panty melting smile? Dimples? Perfect white teeth? **swooning**

He's not single for any of the ordinary reasons. Thano suffered an unbearable tragedy and he's sworn off love. It's not for him. Similarly, Kilyn O'Kelly feels the same way. She is definitely not lucky in love and has a special "friend with benefits", however she doesn't think love is in the stars for her.

Fate has a way of changing things though and fate seems to be bring two people who believe love isn't for them together.

Thano and Kilyn meet for the first time at a bar. Their attraction is instant. One of my favorite things about Kelly Elliott's books is you always know how into the girl the guy is by little things he does. In this case, sexy Greek Thano finds himself speaking in Greek to Kilyn. **panting** Something he never did before, not even with the woman he thought was the love of his life.

Several more chance encounters start making both Thano and Kilyn think for the first time, they might want more. Each time fate brings these two together you can feel the sexual tension between them and it is steamy. I don't know how Kilyn didn't jump all over Thano because I would not have had the restraint to stay away. But she does, until they both can't anymore and end up spending the night together snowed in Thano's mountain cabin that Kilyn has helped design.

If you thought their sexual tension was hot, when then finally get together it's like spontaneous combustion. They are incredibly hot together and in my Kelly Elliott book boyfriend world Thano is third in line next to Gunner Mathews and Lark Williams and that's saying a lot. Thano is delicious and sexy and rates super swoon worthy in my book.

So, Thano and Kilyn seal the deal and we get our happily ever after right? Not quite. Into every love story a little rain must fall and Stay With Me is no different. Remember, both Thano and Kilyn have dealt with life changing tragedy and readily admit to being unlucky in love. The two have obstacles to work through. Ah, the path to true love is never easy.

Do Kilyn and Thano have what it takes to stay together? Can they make it through Kilyn's insecurities and Thano's fear of commitment? Not to mention Thano's overbearing Greek family who want nothing more than for Thano to marry a nice Greek girl.

Kelly Elliott does it again in my opinion. Thano and Kilyn are funny and adorable together, yet there's still that angst that keeps you reading and hoping for a happily ever after. One click Kelly's five lip smack review Stay With Me and see how their story plays out. You won't be disappointed!


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