In the words of my good friend who introduced me to T.M. Frazier and the King series, I am obsessed with Rage! I thought she was a badass when she was "babysitting" Tia for Bear in Soulless. I didn't know she was going to get to tell her story and damn, I am so glad she did. Her new "babysitting" job in All The Rage  is not for anyone's girlfriend or the little boy who's picture she holds in her hands. It's for a very sexy, built, tattooed, man and for the first time in a long time, Rage feels something.

Here's the thing, Rage doesn't feel like other people feel. She never has. As a child her poor parents brought her to doctor after doctor who tried to make sense of why their beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed daughter wasn't like all the other kids.

See Rage has issues. Lots of issues. She's got anger issues (boy does she ever). On top of that there's a "small" case of OCD, some serious germaphobia and then there's the hypochondria.

Rage has known she was different from the time she was a child. She didn't feel things the way other kids did. There were only three people in her life she cared about, her mom, her dad and her only friend Cody. Things that would cause other child to cry or feel compassion NEVER phased her.

Cody, who truly loves and cares about Rage wants to help her. His idea is fake it. Cody invents Rules For Being Rage. He honestly believes he can teach her how to act like a "normal child". He invests a lot of time trying to make Rage understand what proper reactions in social situations are, but underneath it all she's still Rage. Rage, who has the desire to destroy. Incidentally, Cody for the most part is Rage's savior, until he isn't.

Incidentally, Rage has a real name. Cody is the person who gives her the name Rage and each time she introduces her self, she gives a made up reason what Rage is short for. You know I'm dying to tell you her real name, but of course I'm not going to. I want you to become as obsessed with Rage as I am.

This all changes the night of Rage's sixteenth birthday. Her parents throw their beloved daughter a Sweet Sixteen party. Anything to make her normal. It doesn't work. That's the night Rage's Rules go out the window and she becomes the person we met in Soulless and in a scene that will make your jaw drop she meets Smoke, who will become her mentor.

Now back to babysitting. She's keeping an eye on Nolan Archer. Smoke's got beef with his parents and apparently Nolan will be the collateral damage that Rage is sent to take care of. Only Rage didn't expect Nolan to be all grown up and hot as sin. In an almost comedic accident, Rage feels something for this man and rescues him from a germ infested pool that has her angry and disinfecting like crazy.

The delicious Nolan, who is at his grandparents cabin recovering from an unfortunate injury, sees this angel in a white bikini rescuing him from certain death and becomes obsessed with her.

Smoke insists Rage stay close to Nolan and their attraction grows into something very real. The time they spend together almost seems normal, but keep in mind, both of these characters are anything but normal and they both have secrets. Dark secrets that they've never shared.

As I read All The Rage, I couldn't help but be amazed that T.M. Frazier can create such dysfunctional, deviant characters and yet it's easy to fall in love with them. Honestly, think about it, if you've read the King series you know exactly what I'm talking about. We all love Preppy and yet...well I'm not telling because you might not know. But, I am literally fascinated by each and every one of  her characters. I will read what ever she writes because even in the darkest places, she finds light. Not to mention she can write some seriously naughty sexy scenes.

It feels like I'm talking too much, but All The Rage is just an awesome story. You think you know what's going to happen, then there's a twist and you're just like whoa, I didn't see that coming. It's not a typical or predictable story and I'm completely obsessed with Rage and Nolan.

An amazing job by T.M. Frazier who I finally got to meet in Washington, DC and absolutely gushed over! Never run out of ideas girl, because I will read a post it note if you write it!

Five rage filled lips smacks for T.M. Frazier and All The Rage. And yes I'm in love with Nolan, but don't tell Rage. I don't want to piss her off.


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