I was lucky enough to once again see Mia Sheridan at a signing event in May in which her husband was in attendance.  We were talking and he started to spill the beans about a big secret; Ramsay, Mia’s next book release.  He told me he was very excited for me, and the readers to read this book and that we will love Ramsay as much as, if not more than Archer Hale.  I told him that there was no way that is possible because my sweet boy Archer is and will always be my favorite book and book boyfriend ever!!  Having read Ramsay, I could totally see why he said that and why that would be possible!  Brogan Ramsay is an absolute LOVE!! 

Mia Sheridan has a very unique and truly amazing talent of writing male characters that, even though they have been through, done or seen bad or horrible things they still manage to be completely vulnerable and innocent in so many ways.  I don’t know how she does it, but her men are always so endearing and truly loveable and admirable.  Big, strong strapping men who are so sweet and loving.  The perfect combination and I fall in love every time!

Brogan Ramsay is the full embodiment of all of these qualities. Dark hair, blue eyes and totally beautiful inside and out. Brogan has a sensitivity about him which can sometimes cause him actual physical pain. He feels things so deeply, which makes him so completely empathetic and can sometimes lead him to be vulnerable to manipulation.  But what gets to me the most, what makes me fall in love with him every time he speaks, is his devastatingly sexy Irish brogue and his beautiful Gaelic words. This comes out even more during gentle moments or really sexy times!  Gah!!  I am in love with his words!!!

            Hush, mo` ghra`.”  “Mo aingeal. ” “Mo` shaol.” – Brogan
            Hush, my love.            My angel.         My life.

Ya feel me here?  There is so much of this beautiful language, these beautiful words throughout this book….  I can’t even begin to describe the seductiveness, the sensuality and the sexiness every time Brogan whispered these Gaelic words of adoration or affection.  Can you tell I am in LOVE with Brogan Ramsay?

Enough gushing over my new obsession for now, let’s talk Lydia De Havilland, the girl who has Brogan’s heart.  Lydia and Brogan met because Brogan’s dad was the gardener and groundskeeper on Lydia’s family property. Lydia was a tease, a game player and a major flirt. Though Lydia seemed to be a spoiled and entitled brat I don’t believe she was that at all, and she proved me right when things went bad for her family leaving her close to broke and desperate.  I found Lydia to be a strong, honest girl who accepted her own flaws and was very forgiving of others.  She had suffered in many ways, yet she did not complain or become an opportunist to get out of the hole she found herself in. 

            “I learned that life isn’t all about me. I learned that every choice has an outcome and I learned that holding on to bitterness is a poison that eats away at you from the inside” - Lydia

Brogan and Lydia shared something very special and intimate as teenagers, causing his family to have to leave her family home and her behind in the worst possible way.  Brogan felt used and tricked by Lydia and he was destroyed.  Desperation and destitution forced him to do things and become a person he did not like.  Pulling himself up from the rubble, Brogan used his genius intellect to garner wealth, while Lydia became the desperate one, A complete role reversal finds them in each other’s lives once again, just as Brogan has planned.  Lydia, has no choice but to be at his mercy and Brogan seemingly having all the power now.  What a twist!  In their new relationship, we find out all the secrets, regrets and sadness that have occurred because of what happened so many years ago between Lydia and Brogan.  Both of their lives were altered in so many ways, for the good, the bad and the sad. 

            “Is tu` amha`in a bhi ann I gco`nai,” I breathed, not sure if I’d said it out loud or not. It’s always been you, and no one else. -Brogan

I also want to mention the adorable, loveable and seriously funny Fionn.  Brogan’s mo chara; his best friend.  Fionn is a wonderful secondary character, who I would love to read more about.  As beautiful as Brogan uses the Gaelic language, Fionn uses it to be oh so naughty!  He is a true friend and brother. I loved every minute of him on these pages!

Ramsay had me completely enraptured from the first page to the last. The story was so deeply heartwarming and beautiful as was the characters. Brogan Ramsay stole my heart and kept it throughout the entire book, and Lydia was a woman who I really admired.  Mia Sheridan has a beautiful gift that she shares with us once again in Ramsay!  5     devastatingly loving and beautiful lip smacks for Ramsay!!!  Now I’m off to go re-read this book, because I simply need to be with Brogan some more!!


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