Deep Redemption is book 4 in The Hades Hangmen series by Tillie Cole and you should read the first three books.  Each time I await a new release in this brilliant series by Tillie Cole, I think there is no way she can continue to write such a crazy amazing stories with these crazy amazing characters.  I wait for the next book thinking that like most series the stories and books will become rushed or kind of lame.  Well, not in this case!!  Book after book in this series I am astounded by the fact that each story is uniquely different, yet always heartbreaking and full of love.  Deep Redemption is so gut wrenchingly sad yet beautifully hopeful, Tillie Cole has written us another captivating story in the Hangmen series.

Cain aka Rider is a grown man who, even though horrible things surround him, is innocent in so many ways.  Having never felt real love he is absolutely desperate to find some good in his twin brother, Judah, who is pretending to be the prophet.  Even though Judah is holding him prisoner and seeing that Rider gets beat daily, Rider believes he deserves his fate and that there is some good in his brother. Judah is as seriously sick and twisted as his Uncle David, if not more.  He’s absolutely batshit crazy and I believe that he truly believes what he is doing is just and right and for God.  The torture and rape and pedophilia continue under his guidance while the real prophet suffers through beatings and locked in a cell all alone.  Until one day, in the cell next to him he hears her and they become friends under the worst conditions possible.

Harmony has come from Puerto Rico with her chapter of the Cult and is deemed the last remaining Cursed woman. Destined to wed Judah, Harmony knows that her life will be in horror as she has met the evil prophet.  Meeting Rider who is in the cell next to her has brought her some form of peace.  But, of course on the commune that never lasts.

Rider risks everything to escape with Harmony and seek the help of the men that want him dead more than anyone….. The Hades Hangmen.  What unfolds from that point on is absolutely catastrophic and completely and utterly broke my heart.  Rider, as much as I did not want to like him is a victim. He tried to fight the evil ways of New Zion, he tried to stop his brother but he was not strong enough on his own.  Rider is such a tortured soul, and we know Tillie Cole can certainly write them.  I cried hearing his anguish and pain and remorse.  I felt it with everything I am, that Rider was a truly good man. 

The Hangmen are a very unforgiving bunch, and Rider is a rat to them.  He will not be forgiven, nor will they see the remorse in his eyes. Styx, Ky and the Hangmen all want him dead, heck Rider himself feels he deserves to die. Rider, who has turned his back on everything he thought was true, feels he needs to be punished, he feels undeserving of any kind of love or happiness.  So Harmony has to fight for him.  Her strength and tenacity are incomparable and damn, but she is one tough chick. 

There are so many secrets revealed in this book.  I was shocked page after page when they were uncovered! There were times I had to go back and re-read because I could not fathom what was revealed.  As everything fell into place, I understood so much about not only Rider but the girls as well.  I loved how the other cursed women grew stronger every day they were out from under the New Zion and felt the love and kindness of these hard men.

Tillie Cole has weaved a story of deceit of sacrifice and of redemption.  I was completely riveted with this story and felt such love and sorrow for Rider.  I am truly amazed at the world Ms Cole has created for us and once again, I am in awe of this sweet author writing about such depravity!! I give Deep Redemption 5 very forgiving lip smacks for Cain!!


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