Can you say sexiest boss ever? Not sure whether it's his name Chase Parker (I am very partial to the name Chase, thank you Molly McAdams)or the cover photo and teasers of Chase Parker being Bossman. Just know, if you're looking for a book that is swoon worthy from cover to cover go and one click Bossman now!

Did I mention swoon worthy? Because, I literally fell in love with everything about Chase Parker. From his sexy tousled hair to those chocolate brown eyes. Add to the mix his broad chest, toned arms and abs and he just keeps getting better. Then you get a peek at the tattoo on his ribs and the nipple ring. Gone. I tell you. I was gone.

Then some guys go and open their mouths and ruin it all. Not bossman, from the he told the story of how and Reese meeting as middle schoolers, he had me totally wrapped around his little finger. I almost forgot he's also brilliant, and any man that can go from wearing a thousand dollar suit to some gym shorts and look amazing is perfect in my opinion.

Of course middle school is not really where Chase Parker and Reese Annesley actually met. They met outside the restrooms of the restaurant they were both at with different dates. Reese is desperately trying to reach her BFF to get her out of the awful date that she's on and Chase calls her out on it. Even calls her the B word. Definitely not the way for instalove to start, but I think for Chase, that's what it is. The dinner date they wind up sharing when Chase joins Reese and her date at their table is hilarious and adorable. 

It seems that Chase and Reese can't get the other off of their minds. They also seem to keep running into each other and every time they do, Chase is always gorgeous and entertaining.

The story gets even better when the job interview Reese goes on is for none other than the company Chase Parker started back when he was in college. Reese gets the job with no problem and adds new life to Chase's already hard working staff. Beautiful, brilliant Chase has no problem letting Reese know he's attracted to her and has no problem starting an office romance with her. Reese let's Chase know she doesn't date coworkers (she's already had one bad experience, she's not about having another). 

Fortunately, rules are made to be broken and clever Chase gets Reese to attend a twice weekly eating event with him (most definitely not a date). These two are wildly attracted to each other. Chase occupies Reese's thoughts in and out of work and Chase has no problem letting Reese know all the naughty things he'd like to do to her. During a business trip (where Chase kind of stalked Reese onto the plane), the attraction is two much and our favorite bossman and employee share a very sexy night together. And yes Chase Parker is even perfect in bed. I love that dirty mouth of his and all the naughty things that come out of it.

Now you know there's more to this story. Chase and Reese have both been through significant tragic events in their lives. The both definitely keep their hearts guarded. Only with each other all of those walls start to come down. How could they not? Chase is so easy to be around and everything about him is absolutely adorable, except of course when he is so sexily naughty. Reese even gives in and allows PDAs during office time. A little uncomfortable, but not a big deal. After all, Chase is the bossman.

Then there's a bump and it's emotional and I will admit my eyes filled up with tears a few times. Can Reese and Chase get through it? Will they get a happily ever after, or will their emotional tragedies be too much to overcome?

Seriously though, you will swoon over Chase Parker for all of Bossman. I am a huge fan of Vi Keeland. I've always enjoyed her books, but Bossman is really an outstanding read. I loved the writing, and I totally enjoyed the relationship between Chase and Reese.

I'd LOVE to find a bossman like Chase Parker! Built, beautiful, brilliant and completely romantic. ****swoon**** A huge five lip smack review for Vi Keeland and Bossman.


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