I NEED YOU, TO BE ME… My new favorite words from any book! <3 o:p="">

4:52… That’s 4:52 a.m., which is when I looked at the clock having just finished Stoned by Mandi Beck.  When I tell you I couldn’t put this book down, believe me that I am now ready to pass out having only had 3 hours of sleep last night!!  There is nothing in the world like the feeling of connecting with a book and its characters and Stoned did just that for me.  I found myself personally sympathetic to Stone’s character as well as Willow, and I think that is what has completely blown me away. 

Stone has become the ultimate bad boy rock star. Drugs and sex and more drugs and sex and damn the consequences.  It was absolutely devastating reading Stone’s fall from grace and hitting rock bottom.  Stone not only hurt himself, but his band mates and his girl, the love of his life Willow.  He completely decimated their relationship and her. It was dirty and disgusting and heartbreaking, but it was honest and realistic and true. My heart broke into pieces as their lives were shattered.

            “I need you, Birdie, Man, do I fucking need you so damn bad. Don’t you know I need you, to be me?” - Stone

Willow just might be the strongest female main character that I have read about.  I admire the way she made her decision to walk away and she stuck to that.  She made it nearly impossible for anyone from that life to find her, as she worked on getting her own self together and taking back a lot of what Stone took from her…. Man was she fierce!

            “A part of me died that night. A part of my heart, my soul” - Willow

Stone’s recovery was long and extremely painful but he did it, with one focus on his mind.. Get Willow back.  Willow, was the love of his life and he needed her to be whole. Birdie, aka Willow was determined to move on with her life and that did not include being with Stone.  As Stone fights with everything he has in his arsenal of memories I was just in awe of the flashbacks that Mandi Beck gave us.  They are deep and soulful and just filled with so much heart and love.  I was done for, I mean completely, hopelessly in love with their love affair and Stone and his sexy, romantic yet hot as hell ways and words.  The pair really shared a profound love for music and lyrics and they connected so deeply through song, again, totally freaking killing me.  I was completely drawn to them and every word written in this book! 

            “My heart doesn’t beat in rhythm when you’re not around. I need you, to be me. I’m your rhythm, and you’re for damn sure mine” – Stone

As well as the words, Ms. Beck referenced a few songs throughout this book and boy oh boy did she get me with the music.  At one point I stopped reading and listened to a song by Imagine Dragons as Stone was singing it and my heart just cracked open a little bit more.  The song so painful and hopeful and filled with love, I swear I was there with them, listening and watching as Stone sang to Willow!  I sat in my bed in the middle of the night with tears rolling down my face.  I was totally moved by the power the song had in this book!

            “Want you. Need you. Live you. Breathe you” - Stone

Love, heartbreak, angst and beauty. The pages in this book are filled with it all! Without a doubt, Stoned is a top book of 2016 for me! Be warned, do not make the same mistake I did and start reading early on in the day! You won’t be able to put it down!!! I know Stoned will be a book that stays with me for a very long time and I am definitely going to add it to my small list of books that I will re-read over and over again!! I am in LOVE with this book and I give it 5 lyrical lip smacks!! 


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