"I love you, baby. I've loved you for a very long time," he whispered on deaf ears. That was okay, because he hadn't been sure he could actually say the words out loud. This all-consuming love terrified him, but he'd managed to say the words, and it felt incredible.

So this happened again. By reading one new book, I have discovered I need to obviously read all the rest of the books in the Bad Boys After Dark series, but now I have to read the Wild Boys After Dark series because I think I might love them too. 

So let's start with Mick Bad shall we? Brilliant lawyer, strikingly gorgeous, over six feet of yumminess and convinced because of a terrible tragedy from his past there's no such thing as happily ever after.

Then there's Amanda Jenner, Mick's equally brilliant and beautiful paralegal. Buttoned up and perfectly polished, she's looking to unleash her inner bad girl with the help of a book. That being said Amanda does believe in happily ever after and just to make things interesting, she'd like that happily ever after to be with Mick Bad, her boss.

Here's where the fun really begins. A bar crawl. Yep, you heard me, a masquerade bar crawl. Amanda goes dressed up and sexified to practice the seduction skills the rule book has taught her and Mick is there because well our lawyer hottie just needs a little release. Until he spots Amanda talking to another guy (no he doesn't know it's her) but their eyes meet and you feel their intense connection across the crowded bar. 

In one of the hottest bathroom scenes I've ever read Mick and Amanda connect in more ways than one. They almost seal the deal but,  Mick notices something on his mystery girl that makes him realize just who he's actually with in the bathroom. In an act of incredible restraint he stops what they're doing and puts Amanda in a cab home. Before he lets her go, they make a date for the following night.

You can only imagine what happens when Amanda walks and realizes her mystery man is the person she's had a crush on for the last three years. After the initial shock, believe it or not, Mick convinces Amanda to give him one night. One night of passion that they both clearly want. One night for her to use the seduction skills she's worked so hard to acquire. Um, seriously do you think she'll turn that proposition down? Only here's the thing. One night isn't enough for either of them so Mick proposes they share a weekend together and then everything goes back to normal on Monday at work. The two go back to being friends and coworkers. Sounds like a plan right?

The weekend Mick and Amanda share is beyond anything they could imagine. Their chemistry is absolutely steaming hot. And yet Mick keeps insisting to Amanda and to himself he can't give her all the things she deserves. Amanda who promises this weekend only arrangement is cool with her, falls a little more in love with Mick everyday. 

So what happens friends? After an amazing weekend together how does it all play out in the end? Come on. Did you really think I'd give it away? No, sillies. I want you to read Melissa Foster's Bad Boys After Dark starring the oldest Bad brother Mick.

Yes, there are three more brothers to read about, but I don't know if I'll be able to love any of them as much as I love Mick. He's romantic even when he says he can't be. He's sweet, he's chivalrous and he is uber swoon worthy. Jeez I fell in love with him with every turn of the page. 

Of course I love the chemistry of Mick and Amanda and the heat between them is just delicious. I love the relationship of the brothers. They're a tight family and even though they've suffered a horrible tragedy, they've stuck together with Mick as their glue. 

Younger brother Dylan's story is next and I can't wait to see what Melissa Foster has done with him. But for now, Mick Bad is my newest addiction with a solid four lip smack review.


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