Never did I ever for one minute think Kelly Elliott could make me love a book boyfriend more than Gunner Mathews. She came close with Thano, but hands down I am ridiculously in love with Preston Ward.

OMG Kelly! Dark messy hair, light green eyes, sick body and HE'S A FIREFIGHTER! I know, I know, Riley you're so superficial. But seriously looks are the first thing you see. Keep reading though because Preston is just as beautiful inside as he is outside. He's loyal, caring and adores his family.

I'm not going to lie to you. The beginning of this book. The way Harmony and Preston meet is completely gut wrenching. But, as bad as it is when their eyes meet, Preston can't get Harmony out of his mind.

Harmony has suffered quite possibly the worst tragedy that can fall on another person. She's broken and literally left with only her older brother Jake for support. You'll find out all the details when you read Searching For Harmony.

Harmony has made quite an impression on Preston. At first his coworkers worry his attachment to Harmony is for the wrong reason, but soon they come to see how much she means to Preston.

The two keep telling themselves that they're just best friends. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the attraction between them begin to grow. They spend a lot of time together and Preston even becomes good friends with Harmony's brother Jake. Their friendship continues to grow and of course their attraction becomes harder and harder to ignore. 

They become close enough for Preston to invite Harmony to spend Thanksgiving with his family. She agrees because well they're just friends and friends spend holidays together right? Of course everyone but Harmony and Preston can see that they belong together. I love Preston's little sister. Everything she says is on point. 

Guess what? They realize they can't stay away from each other anymore and Harmony goes to Preston's attic room one night. Good thing Preston's room is far from the rest of the family because together they are steaming hot. Preston is unbelievably romantic and the things that he says to Harmony turned me into a puddle of goo.

Kelly Elliott knows how to write insanely romantic characters. Preston is just so perfect. He absolutely worships Harmony and treats her like a princess.

Their need for each other continues to grow and they wind up spending a lot of time together. When someone from Harmony's past comes and dredges up memories from the past, the first person she runs to is Preston. Scarily, Preston is fighting a big house fire and gets trapped in the house. Losing someone she loves is something Harmony fears more than anything so she runs.

Will Preston find Harmony? Will Harmony get over her fears? You know you have to one click to find out. Searching For Harmony is just an amazing story. And it's true, Kelly's going to tear you apart with this book, but she'll also beautifully put you back together again. 

Kelly Elliott will forever be one of my go to authors. She can write a story like nobody's business and manages to make you fall in love with her characters. So yes, it finally happened, Kelly created a character I love more than Gunner (sorry Gunner). Five Texas sized (even though Searching For Harmony takes place in Boston) lip smacks for Kelly Elliott and Searching For Harmony!


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