So I was a little apprehensive to start Ilsa Madden-Mills Filthy English. Given the reference to Romeo and Juliet, I was a little worried because we all know how their story ended, right?

Well I'm super glad I gave in and read it because Filthy English is one of my favorite reads of the summer.

Seriously, I couldn't put this book down and when I finished, I wanted more. And Dax Blay? He's been starring in my fantasies from the minute he sat next to Remi at Masquerade Bar.

Remi Montague, a soon to be college senior has been dumped by her fiancé two weeks before their wedding. Even though she's heart broken, she decides to take her honeymoon in London with her best friend Lulu. Lulu is a riot and a total party girl.

One night in London Remi and Lulu end up guessed it...Masquerade Bar. While Lulu hits the dance floor, Remi sits adorably awkwardly at the bar. Then he walks in and sits down next to her. You can literally feel the electricity between them from the moment he sits down. Remember, they have masks on so they can't see each others faces, but they both feel as if they know the other.

At some point during the night Remi goes to get off of her barstool and ends up right in the sexy strangers lap. After a steamy make out session that left me tingly EVERYWHERE, masks come off and the two come to realize THEY. KNOW. EACH. OTHER. It turns out they go to the same university in the United States and shared a very passionate seventy two hours together three years before. Clearly it didn't end well and Remi makes an escape from the bar.

Now you know that's not the end of Remi and Dax because she's got more time in England and their chemistry is off the chain. It's like they're drawn to each other and can't let go. Unfortunately, according to Remi, Dax is a temporary guy and she's a forever girl, and the two just don't go together, ever.

Only, their attraction is just too strong and one night after lots of tequila the two wind up in bed together. Steamy, sexy, delicious and totally mind blowing for both of them. I'm going to give you two things to look for: Dax and Remi's dance at the club and their tattoos.

Let's talk about Dax Blay, shall we? The second he sat down next to Remi she swore she heard the lyrics to Salt-N-Pepa's "Whatta Man" in her head. Now when I think of that song, I think of some serious hotness. Dax has dark hair that has that perfect tousled effect. He has steel gray eyes and his body is built like a brick house according to Remi. Did I mention those perfectly full and kissable lips? Add in that sexy British accent and can you say Mr. Beautiful? Needless to say, he's still been starring in every naughty fantasy I can think of.

I'd love to tell you Dax and Remi are now together and happily ever after and all that, but that wouldn't be any fun for you. I will share, they do have to go back to university and they try to make believe nothing ever happened between them. Hmmmm...awkward when you're living with the person you had an unbelievable sexual experience with right?

Keep in mind, Dax and Remi have been together before and that part of their story is a little heart breaking. Then of course there's the annoying ex-fiance who wants Remi back. Ugh, I just wanted him to go away.

Anyway, I loved Filthy English. It's a great story and Dax Blay has fast become one of my favorite book boyfriends ever. Did I mention he has a twin? I've already one clicked Dirty English because now I need to read about Declan Blay. I can't get enough of those British boys!!

Five lip smacks from me for the sweet and sexy Filthy English.


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