After I've laid claim to every inch of her body, I hold her in my arms until she fall asleep and I decide this very second that I'm going to keep her forever.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I don't think I have the words to do justice to this review of K.C. Lynn's An Act Of Obsession. This story gripped me from the prologue and didn't let go until the end. Yes, I sat down and read it all in one session. 

I absolutely enjoyed both other books in the Acts of Honor Series, but K.C. Lynn outdid herself with this story. An Act Of Obsession is truly a story about two broken people making each other whole.

Sophie Parish has survived an unthinkable horror that forces her to leave behind everything she has ever known and loved. Fortunately, she finds a new home in Sunset Bay and has the good fortune to be working for Sheriff Cooper McKay. It's always good when the original Men of Honor are on your side.

But that's not what this story is about. I do love How K.C. Lynn keeps the original Men of Honor and their families connected to the Acts of Honor Series. I love the interaction between the characters and let's face it, I love knowing what's going on in everyone's lives.

This story actually begins when Sophie (now called Lia for her own protection) arrives at the Men of Honor center to sign up for self defense classes. She runs into none other than Kolan Slade. You remember him right? He was in a lot of trouble the last time we saw him. Trouble that brought Katelyn, Kolan's sister and Nick Kolan's best friend together in more ways than one,  An Act Of Salvation, (awesome story, go one click if you haven't read it yet). 

Anyway, Kolan Slade is a champion fighter whom for reasons I'll leave you to learn about he's retired. Kolan has zero plans of getting back in the ring. He's big and tatted up and intimidating, but something about Lia (remember secret identity) has him feeling things for this woman he thought he never could. Kolan is dark and has many secrets, which is ok because Lia obviously has secrets too.

During their self defense sessions the two are obviously attracted to each other. Lord, who wouldn't be attracted to Kolan? Dark hair and chocolate brown eyes, a body he clearly worked hard to achieve, covered in some super sexy ink. Of course a girl can't stop thinking about him after the lesson is over. Honestly, everything about Kolan is sexy. The way he controls EVERYTHING is enough to get any one hot and bothered.

Kolan even starts to think he might be able to have something with Lia. They do share a very sexy scene together after they attend a benefit dance Kolan only showed up to because he knew Lia would be there. Oh, is it warm in here? 

Then strange things start to happen. Things that no one seems to be able to explain. Cars and property get damaged. While Kolan thinks he knows who the culprit is, he gets Nick to do some investigating for him. 

The information Nick comes back with will blow you away. In this story, what you think you know, becomes something totally different. And you seriously won't be able to stop reading until you know it all. 

K.C. Lynn has given us an incredible story in An Act Of Obsession. We get a smoking hot alpha protector in Kolan Slade, and an amazingly strong beautiful heroine in Sophie Parish. A story that will keep you on your toes and a feisty little sassy pants named Benny who I totally loved! 

A total five lip smack read for me. Another awesome job by K.C. Lynn!


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