As you probably have figured out by now I am a huge fan of Heidi McLaughlin’s books, and the reason is simple…  Consistency.  Her stories are always intriguing and they keep my interest.  Her characters are always swoon-worthy, sexy and I can easily identify with them (or when required I feel real hatred towards them). Her writing is smooth and enjoyable to read. What’s not to love?  

Twisted Reality is another winner from Heidi McLaughlin.  A continuation of the big cliffy in Blinded Reality, where I was left crazed!!

Joshua Wilson is every girl’s fantasy and in Twisted Reality you get to really see what a good guy he really is.  He’s honest, emotional and he just really wants to be a good man for Joey! I am seriously in love with this guy!!

Joey Wilson is who every girl wants to be.  I mean can you imagine getting married to your celebrity crush?  Gah!  I would die!  I really love Joey and the way she stays true to herself, she really is a nice girl who has fallen in love with the real Josh Wilson, not just the celebrity.

What’s twisted about them?... Enter Jules, or as I like to call her the DEVIL!!!  She really is a sick and twisted puppy!!  She just rolls in and causes trouble and wreaks havoc whenever and wherever she sees fit.  I mean she is completely delusional!    Add the paparazzi, Josh’s jerky agent Matt, and Bronx into the mix and more chaos erupts.  At times, it seemed as though everything and everyone was against them.  Through it all Joey and Josh fight to stay together and fight for each other.  I believe their love really comes through when they are faced with the worst from Jules! 

Some of my most favorite parts in this book involve Joey’s family.  They are good people who have accepted this crazy, non-traditional union and have embraced Josh into their family.  The relationship between Josh and Joey’s dad had me all kinds of emotional and weepy, as Josh never had any of the love and friendship that exists between father and son.  I really admire how Josh recognizes what a good family is like and how he strives to make himself better, instead of just using his bad upbringing as an excuse for failure!

Twisted Reality was an emotional ride for me. Seeing Josh get pushed down and kicked over and over had me absolutely heartbroken.  It seemed like there was no one he could trust and I really felt for him.  Joey, too, kept getting hit over and over with the craziness of Josh’s world and I admired how she continuously dusted herself off and got up again!  They are both so strong and genuine.  Their love really grew and their bond was unbreakable!  Heidi McLaughlin really comes through with an amazingly crazy and emotional conclusion to Josh and Joey’s love story!!  

5 loving lip smacks for Twisted Reality by Heidi McLaughlin!!!


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