If there's one thing we know about Lance Romero from the beginning of the Pucked Series, is that the  ladies love him and Lance Romance loves them right back. Admittedly he has the worst reputation of his teammates and for the most part he owns that reputation and maybe even deserves it a little.

I have to admit now as much as I am all about Alex Waters, Lance Romero has definitely found a place in my heart. I mean the cover model by himself for Pucked Off  is a complete fantasy. I don't think I've ever seen a cover model that completely embodies their character until Lance. Then you add Helena's story, which I couldn't put down and you have a book boyfriend that melted my  heart with each turn of the page.

Lance's story is much more complicated than the other members of his team. His past is dark and he carries around that darkness inside of him. At first, I thought Tash was definitely the girl for him and I figured Helena would write Lance's story in that direction. I couldn't have been more wrong and I'm so glad I was because it just made me love Lance Romero even more.

Lance Romero is gorgeous, quite possibly the hottest player on his team. His body is beyond perfect. With darkish red hair and light green eyes he gets even better. Add that sexy Scottish accent that comes out at times and he is the total package. Who knew he would make such an amazing book boyfriend?

I love Helena's writing and am in awe of how she put this story together. I think it may be my favorite in the series so far. But considering I love the whole series, that just means it gets better and better.

After a run in with Tash, (that absolutely floored me) you know this isn't going to be the typical light hearted read you're used to in the Pucked Series.

Lance, unhinged from his meeting with Tash, goes and finds some trouble. At practice the next morning his coach insists he goes to massage therapy if he wants to play in an upcoming game. Lance's reaction is strange, but he agrees to the massage.

Enter Poppy O'Connor (you might remember her, I didn't), stunningly beautiful, with a personality and heart to match and that's when the story really starts. For the first time in his life, he doesn't mind being touched. Their chemistry is steamy from the very start.

It seems Poppy and Lance have some history. Quite a bit of history. Which you will find out about as you get into the story. It's sweet and real and it made me love Lance more than I thought was possible.

Before I forget, Lance Romero is every bit the sex god in bed that the bunnies say he is. If I could sum him up in a word, it would be giver. He's like the energizer bunny. He keeps on giving. Poppy is one lucky girl.

Of course, nothing good comes easy, so Lance and Poppy have some bumps in the road. I can't explain enough how many feelings I have for Lance because this book. But that's what a great writer does, right?

It's not all deep and angsty. The whole cast of characters are there throughout the whole story. Giving Lance advice and trying to smooth over the bumps. And don't worry Violet's there and she is as unfiltered as ever!

An awesome story, an amazing book boyfriend! Five slap shot stars for Helena Hunting and Pucked Off!

And Lance, I will always have gummy bears for you <3 p="">


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