Oh Kelly Elliot, I have loved you since Gunner Mathews called Ellie Johnson sweetheart before he even knew her. I read and loved that entire series and well basically everything you've written since then.

Of course Kelly posted she was coming out with the Cowboys & Angels series, I couldn't wait for it to come out. And I will share with you, Kelly Elliot does not disappoint in Lost Love.

As much I try to deny it, I am truly I romantic at heart. So insta-love and second chances get me every time. And Lost Love is just that, a story of young love that was lost and the long road home to find that love again.

Let me give you a quick session on the Parker family. They are an extremely wealthy Texas family. There are five brothers and two sisters. Each brother better looking than the other and sisters that are drop dead gorgeous.

Lost Love is Steed Parker's story. He is beautiful with a body that made me drool from description alone. All I wanted to do was run my hands over his abs. Basically Steed Parker makes women stop and stare. Steed rivals Gunner Mathews in the romance department, but for me, it will always be Gunner. Obviously he's an incredible catch, but he's coming home on a mission and that mission is to win back the love of his life.

Paxton Monroe is that love. They were together all through high school. They were the "it" couple. But an unexpected event during their senior year tore them apart. Back then, when Steed tried to make it right, Paxton pushed him away. Steed believed she really wanted him gone. So he left.

For ten years Steed stayed away. He'd sneak back home from time to time to see his family, but it wasn't the same. Now he's back for good and he with his adorable daughter Chloe. He's back in Texas to give Chloe a home surrounded by people who love her. He's also back to make amends with Paxton. If she'll let him.

After a disaster of a first meeting, Steed really amps up the charm. He's so sweet and romantic that you hope he'll quickly knock down Paxton's walls and she'll let him back in. But, Pax is hurt, and she's not about to let the man who broke back into her heart.

The only problem with resisting is the chemistry between Steed and Paxton is blazing hot. As much as she hates him and believe me in the beginning she does hate him, she can't deny her physical attraction to him.

There are a lot of tears when Steed and Pax talk about the past ten years. Steed wants to go right back to where they left off and Paxton isn't ready for that.

I love how close the Parker family is in Lost Love. You can feel their love for each other and know they's do just about anything to help each other. I love how everyone takes in hand in helping with Chloe. And I adore how sweet Steed is with Chloe. She hasn't had a very good first five years and Steed will do anything to make her happy.

Kelly Elliott can just write a really good story. I love her descriptive language, I love her story lines, and I love the way she puts things in place so you have a hint of what's coming up next in the series.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the Parker boys and girls stories. I have a feeling Waylynn's might be a heart breaker.

And yes Kelly Elliott as I read Lost Love I felt like I died and went to cowboy heaven. Keep them coming because cowboys are my new thing.

Four shooting stars for Kelly Elliott and Lost Love.


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